B1C4 Status

Finished transcribing the chapter 4.

Chapter length 2x the size of prev chapter based on word count alone.

On the other hand. The spider is cute.

As for the bbs. Who knows if i want to keep translating those.

Nonbiri B1C3 Part2 Release

Fixed missing sentence on lolicon #37
Fixed the rest of the missing BBS chat that isn’t available on the free raws (Basically a new stuff on the BBS lolicons)
Starting from lolicon #46, It’s the one that has different formatting. I might change the whole formatting starting from the next chapter since I’ve got myself the volume 1 (bugged one of my friend to buy me bitcash money)

Below is the batch of the BBS text that I need someone to help me transcribe them. if someone interested, contact me, again, the exchange below still happen in the future which means it might contain spoiler.






Urgent status on nonbiri

There has been no more free raws for volume 1,
Booklive didn’t accept paypal and only accept bitcash and webmoney
Bookwalker is unknown whether you can get the text ripping it off using agth or if it stored in the epub and if it has been encrypted or not

Nonbiri B1C3 Release

We ran out of free raws (free raws up to 1-3 and i refuse to have to translate from the webnovel) 1,036円 (tax included) price for the volume one, which means I’ve gotta fork over some cash to order the book from booklive

Also, the link below is a FAKE link, i’m testing out some stuff to see if the dirty aggregator site simply just copy paste via provided link on wordpress post or not. So you guys are gonna have to find the chapter manually by looking at the right side (PC user) or browse it through the ToC.


Weee another progress report

Basically it’s
2632 words

That is the whole release-able(which I was supposed to release 2 day ago, but meh) part one since the part two is pretty much take off-place from the game. it’s on the BBS and who lurks the BBS? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Also, how do you setup a donation drive? I need someone to help me cover the book cost >>

Progress on 1-3

98/520 lines
1666 words count on english

Fuck, this is so damn long

Also, if any1 is reading this, starting from the next chapter I’m going to put fake link that will redirect it into one of the pages that is filled with random text crap and you gonna have to manually went into the ToC to find the real pages.

This is a testing to see if the fucking novel aggregator site simply just copying content from link in one of the post or what