Bocchi Tenseiki Chapter 19 [Cockatrice Ranch Plan]

Chapter 19 [Cockatrice Ranch Plan]

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Translator   : TheDefend

Editor                   : SenjiQ, TheDefend

Proofreader : SigFig

Cnine : Yeah, I’m useless in this chapter. Blight-san will taking vacation for the next 3 weeks[coincidently me too], so I will try to stack as much stock as possible.

TheDefend: SenjiQ, i had to make several more edit since your usage of past tense kind of change the meaning of several sentences.



Rather than a kiss, it was more of a light peck on the cheek.

At least in this country, a slave might receive sexual orders from their master and they basically could not refuse. It seemed there was many masters who use their slaves [same sex slave in rare cases] as an outlet for their sexual desires.

Naturally, the kiss that I gave just now was not in the least bit sexual.

The kiss I gave only had the meaning of affection.
It was a kiss that was filled with affection towards the beast girl, Angela.

To be honest, when I saw Angela’s face, I just did it on impulse.
However, the matter of liking Angela as the opposite sex, or possibly, having sexual desire towards her was none.

I might have come to like Angela.
But those are affection from the master towards a slave that has served well, or rather, it was affection from a master towards their pet; it was that kind of feeling.
And the kiss just now was filled with those feelings

In this country, having sex with a beastman is considered a taboo

However, a kiss from the master towards a slave beastmen was not something that was avoided.

Because it carried the meaning of affection from the master (Human) towards their pet animal.
I’ll say it again, because it’s an important thing.
The kiss on Angela’s cheek was only on impulse, and it only contained the meaning of affection for a slave or pet.

…………Though that felt like a long excuse.


Whether the shock was too large or not, Angela petrified like a stone.
The high elf slave, Remilia, was slightly shocked and covered her mouth with her hands, and the half elf girl Luna stared enviously at Angela’s right cheek.

“Do-Don’t be mistaken. The kiss was only in a sense of affection. In this country, family and close acquaintance kiss in the cheeks, there was nothing strange to it”

I spouted excuse like things.

No, it was not an excuse.

I certainly did kiss in the sense of affection.

Also, in this country and the surrounding countries, a light kiss or a hug was a substitute for a greeting.

There was a similar custom in Earth in place like as Europe or America.

Those forms of greeting are a custom for the nobility.
But, in the case of women who are of higher rank, when she stretches her hand, I can kiss her hand as a polite greeting. [TLC :  女性の階級がずっと上だった場合は、差し伸べられた手や、渡されたハンカチにキスするけど。]
Angela gave a gloomy face for a moment after she came out of the petrification.
“As an affection…………E-Even so, I’m still extremely happy!!!”
However, she immediately became cheerful, and her tail began to shake violently.

Since she seemed to be pleased, I heaved a sigh of relief.

If, Angela would show a disgusted face I would have been quite shocked.

『Collar of Obedience』cannot control the mind, I would hate it if I was hated by Angela
If Angela felt even slightly unpleasant, I intended to never do it for a second time.

But Angela didn’t seem to hate it at all

On the contrary, she shyly poked her finger to me.
“U-um…. M-me as well, can I give you a ki-ki-ki-ki-kiss as… well?

She said, with upturned eyes.

Her cheeks reddened like an apple
“Ye-yes, I don’t really mind”
An animal pet often came and licked its master’s face.
It was a similar feeling of an enslaved beastmen licking its master’s face; it was not necessarily needed to refuse a kiss.
Even if it was widely known, it was not exactly an act that was condemned.

Angela started to pant and her breath became rough.

Something soft hit my cheek.

The small Angela tip-toed on her feet and kissed me on my right cheek.



T-that was strange.
There shouldn’t be much difference between being kissed by a slave beastmen and being kissed by a pet animal.

My heart had strangely became throbbing rapidly(doki-doki)

“I… gave a kiss… as well…


She hung her head down embarrassedly and pressed her finger on her lovely pink lips; Angela was extremely happy

“The heck, then I’ll also give Ash-kun’s cheek a lots of kisses as well!”

Sylph, the wind spirit, strangely burnt with a sense of rivalry

Other than me, the only person who could see and hear the voices of the spirits was the charming high elf, Remilia. She stared at the wind spirit, pleasantly.

“For Luna’s master, I… also want….

The female half-elf slave girl rushed up to me.

She also wanted to gave me a kiss, should I gave her one as well?

In this country a beastman’s treatment was the same as that of an animal, while an elf received the same treatment as a human. The meaning of kiss differed greatly.

Beside, despite being a half, Luna was a half-human.

I hesitated.

“Because… I’m… Filthy… no good?”

The beautiful half-elf girl Luna muttered with a face that was almost crying.

I gave Luna a kiss on the cheek.

While the half-elf girl was shocked I silently presented my left cheek.

While trembling, Luna gently kissed me on my cheek.


Well, in this country, there was a customary kiss that was shared between those that are close companions.

A kiss that was only on the cheek, if it was only to that degree, it was not something that was special.

I gave kisses to the two slave girls, Luna and Angela.

Remilia was the only one that didn’t receive a kiss – On the contrary, was that impartiality?

But, the beautiful High-elf Remilia, on the surface she kissed me, deep in her heart she seems to hate it.

Yep, forcing it is not good.

Even if the other side was a slave, I wouldn’t go and forcibly demand a kiss.

I met Remilia’s eyes.

She pointed on her quickly reddening cheek.

Just in case, should I check it?



With a trembling shoulder, Remilia replied with a nervous voice

After that, with surprised face, an expression that looked like a doll

“If you dislike it then I won’t force you. If you dislike, just go and say it.”


“I-it’s just a greeting kiss. See, just like when returning home. A welcome back-ish kiss. If you don’t like it then-“

Remilia approached me with a clear face. (TLN: Either clear or determined)

And then, she put her lips onto my cheek.

Dokun, and my heart sounded loudly

Remilia then closed her eyes and presented her left cheek to me.

“…Is it alright?”

With a composed expression Remilia ndded.

If you looked closely, her shoulders were trembling slightly.

“If you don’t like it-“

“I don’t hate it”

Remilia quickly said those words cutting off mine.

I don’t exactly understand Remilia’s feelings.

However, at the very least regarding the greeting kiss, she didn’t hate it.

That’s why, I touched Remilia’s pure snow white skin and lightly kissed on her check. (TLN: unless you guys prefer ‘beautiful skin like the first snow of the season’ literally.)

It caused my heart to become throbbing wildy (TLN: doki doki)

“……I was the first…………I was, the first…………” (TLN: The comma exist in the raw. Staying true to the source.)

Angela muttered in a small voice.

It was such an important thing that she repeated it twice.

Was the order of the greeting kisses such an important thing for the dog-ish beastmen, Angela?

Well, if it concerned her that much, in the future, I’ll try to put Angela as the first one.


Once more, I gave Angela a surprise kiss on the cheek

“Just for you, I’ll make it both cheeks”

I whispered in Angela’s ear

“…………Only me twice……only me……twice…………Hafuuuuuuuuuu”


Her eyes rotated in circles. Angela fell down.

………… It seemed because she was too excited, she had fainted.

We had dinner slightly early.

Grilled fish and bird. As the after meal dessert, we ate grapes and other fruits.

Remilia seemed to be a vegetarian, instead of eating fish and birds, she ate a lot of desserts.

Although I said a lot, she seemed to be a light eater; the amount that she ate wasn’t that much.

However, the fruits that were harvested from the prairie and forest were really so delicious that her eyes turned wide open. (TLN: amazed)

Just like the grapes, both the apples and pears, that were harvested from these lands, had an extremely good flavor.

It’s very sweet and also still fresh.

Remilia seemed to be satisfied with the taste of the fruits.


In addition, Remilia was surprised at the beastgirl (Angela) that managed to eat 10x her amount (not exaggerated), while sticking her tongue out.

The half-elf girl Luna ate while sitting next to me, her master. I was really moved.

Until now, her food was her master’s leftovers; it was thrown on the floor and she had to eat while groveling on the floor like a dog.

Until now, her master’s scraps was dropped on the floor and she had to eat it while grovelling like a dog.

I peeled an apple with a knife, cut them into bite sizes, picked them up with a wooden pin and put them into her mouth. Tears began to fall like rain while she opened her mouth. I don’t think it’s something to cry in joy about?/I don’t remember ever seeing her that happy / I don’t think it’s something to be so happy that you cried over it (TLN: Yeah, help plz?) (PF: I added the cry in joy part. Really I don’t know what else to put lolz.)

On another note, Luna had the “Collar of Obedience” equipped”

For slaves, especially the slaves that were mine, equipping the 『Collar of Obedience』 was a mandatory – – and after I said that, she wished to equip it by all means.

She seemed to think that the collar was a gift from me, and she touched the collar happily.

After dinner, everyone enjoyed playing jenga together.

This time I borrowed the power from water spirit’s “Water Blade (Aqua Cutter)” and cut the bricks into even smaller bricks.

I intended to make the Jenga blocks from wood.

Other than just playing jenga, these guys actually played a lot of things.


With 4 people we could play mahjong… Ha, wait, making them was going to be annoying, I should still prepare it though. (TLN: I hate this line)

In that case, it would be fine if a craftsmen from the city made it.

In that case, selling them in the city and mass producing them if they got popular might be interesting.

Unexpectedly, I think they might become a massive hit.

Because mahjong was a king of indoor entertainment.

In my previous life, I played a lot of mahjong.

Although… Playing against real people… even once… I never did…

My opponent mostly was the computer, otherwise it was against people on the net.


Other than mahjong, UNO seems to be good.

Other things, like Game of Life, I want to try a lot of things.

And when the slaves increase; werewolf game seemed to be fun.

And then — I definitely want to try a TRPG

I never tried a TRPG even once in my previous life

The reason was of course, because I didn’t even have a single friend.

Even so, I liked to read TRPG replay books.

[ED: Tabletop Role Playing Game. D&D for example.]

In addition, you could make your own play scenario. In the end, I wanted to make my own TRPG.


Even if I was like that, I liked making literary works.

I also wrote a novel as a hobby.

I read the novel that I wrote to my pet Indian Hill Mynah(九官鳥 lit: Kyuukanchou) Kyu-chan and she said “It’s good”

After playing jenga for about an hour, everyone went to enter the onsen.

Instead of bathing in the stream that flowed nearby, we chose the onsen.

As a matter of fact, today I found an onsen near the rock zone.

And since that was the case, everyone went to enter the onsen.

By the way, the onsen that I found was the only one.

It was inevitable that it became mixed bathing.

Yep, inevitable.

It might be fine if the bathing time for men and women was different.

But, until someone said it, I wouldn’t propose it.

There was quite a distance to the place where the onsen appeared.


That was why I carried Angela with a hug, while Luna was on my back and Remilia was holding onto luna. We then flew into the sky.

On the way, I checked on the condition of the Unicorn ranch.

On the outskirts, 10 of mobile houses (Yurts) were erected.

Fences for sheep were also made.

The group of centaurs, that I made into slaves today, had already migrated.

They acted fast.

Even though they were a nomadic tribe, that was still pretty impressive.

The distance from the place where they originally migrated from wasn’t that far, only a few hours of travel.

My migration order was carried out immediately.

It might be because they were afraid of the master, me.

And since we are it, I decide to greet the centaurs.

The patriarch Cain, although he was frightened by me, he still greeted me with a courteous attitude.

Also, Cain’s little sister Rusche, without any fear, came to greet me warmly.

I introduced Angela and the others as the senior slaves to Rusche – but for some reason, when Angela saw the huge breasts of Rusche she gave a face full of worries.

Right then, they were grilling a sheep for their dinner; so I ate as well.

In the first place, even though we already had dinner, I did not eat just a small amount.

It had been a long time since I had sheep meat.

The juice of the meat from the yakiniku gave it a distinctive smell. As expected, it tasted good.

Angela went “Yakiniku is for the dessert stomatch!” and give that kind of feeling. She ate a lot.

I wanted to give something as my thanks to the centaurs and I flew into the prairie alone.

And then I discovered the Huge Chicken(Chicken), the cockatrices flocks.

For the time being, I defeated 1 cockatrices. Next to its dead body was an egg which I collected as well.

From the centaur’s story, the meat of cockatrice had a texture similar to a chicken, and they tasted good as well.

Also, the eggs were more delicious than the eggs from chickens. They also had a lot of nutrients.

I heard a good thing.

In this world, the eggs of a chicken were considered as a luxury ingredient.

Even in my parent’s house, being low-rank nobles, it’s impossible to eat it every day.

For the middle class and below commoner, they only ate it when they are sick.

If I’m not mistaken, it was no less than 1 silver coin for 1 egg.

In Japanese yen, 1 egg is more than 1000 yen. [ED: 11 AUD or 8.25 USD ]

Cockatrice eggs were dozens of times larger than a chicken egg.

Also, they tasted a lot better and were more nutritious; truly valuable.

1 Cockatrice egg might be worth 1 gold coin or 1 large gold coin.


Making a cockatrice ranch, and producing eggs—It’s possible.

It’s a poultry farming of cockatrice.

Raising cockatrice for their eggs and meat.

The petrification beak is quite troublesome, but if you are careful it was not a big deal.

Petrification prevention and petrification removal are sold in the city.

Cockatrice farm – I should seriously research about it.

To me, cockatrice are just a large chicken which laid golden eggs.

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