Invincible Saint Ch.2 : Promoted Into Apprentice Healer

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A gift from the shield bearing Raph race

In case you are wondering where chapter 0 and 1 are, they are NOT translated as of yet. It is basically a prologue chapter which is super generic trope and chapter 1 is the situation that lead how the mc can learn magic.

BUT!!!! This chapter is over 70% of it being super technical chapter and the background of the world which is absolutely a pain in the ass to translate.

I will try to bring chapter 0 & 1 before the end of the year if my schedule allowed it to.

And if you see translation error, typo and the likes, feel free to mention it in the comment.

P.S. Go away nepu monster xD


02 Promoted Into Apprentice Healer
It’s only a common magic tome(book), but the basics of magic are mentioned in details.

I summarized based on what i understand.

Sense the magic power inside the body, those are the first thing to do to use magic.
If you cannot do that, then you have to doubt if you have the talent to use magic, those are emphasized strongly.

After succeeding on sensing magic inside the body, move the magic inside the body around. In other words, it’s necessary to learn magic power manipulation.
It’s also written that moving the magic inside the body will consume a person’s magic power and to do your best to persevere. It’s written that there are a lot of people who failed the magic power manipulation even if it’s hard so you have to try your best.
It also written skilled magic user could use just a fifth of the magic power compared to a newbie who is using the same magic. Then it mentioned that the basic magic training should be done for a lifetime.
I managed to understand these. That is because the usage of high magic requires that you don’t have any loss of magic power. 「何故なら魔力のロスが無くなれば、それだけ効果が高い魔法を使えるようになると思えるからだ。」

After learning both internal magic sensing and magic power manipulation, next is the intervention of magic power outside the body which is called magic power control
It is possible to use magic after managing to do those, but at this level the ability of control are still weak and when invocating the magic it could possibly causing a disaster for both of the caster and the target.

It’s written to use level 1 chanting for the aptitude attribute.
It’s written that when the chanting is success, the magic power flow to the outside of the body and skill level will increase.
To the degree that if you cannot remember the chant, you need to repeat it from the very beginning. Those are what are written in the magic tome.
If you cannot do it means you don’t have talent and better to give up So far it has been using polite explanation and this last sentence made it waste it all and made it sounded like it’s trying to find fault with me.

「What would the kid that found this hard would think? The most important thing is exercise! This sentence that telling someone to give up is definitely weird!!」
I hold the ire in my heart to calm myself, and began to flip the page, and i found an entry about something that is necessary for magic. (Ire written in english)(ire = intense anger)

・Magic is an act of chanting to use magic power as one’s image to cause a phenomenon by offering magic powers towards the Supreme God of Galdardia, Criar-sama. (TLN: FUCK THIS LINE ・魔法とは詠唱により魔力をどう使うかのイメージをGaldardia及び主神クライヤ様に魔力を捧げて、引き起こす事象である。)
・By putting clear image with the magic power, if your magic power control which let you interfere with magic power outside your body improves, and your understanding for the magic increases will results in shortening the chanting, cancelling it would also be possible.
What are written in the tome.

「Magic is kinda similar to religion. Now then, I need to try it at least once」
I took a deep breath and exhale it out and begin to concentrate.
「Suu〜 haa〜 ok. 【O lord, With my magic power as provision, let me recover this person, Heal】」

I begin the magic chant while being conscious to recover wounds than the healing power itself.  (TLN: 癒しの力よりも傷を治すことに意識をしてみながら魔法を詠唱した。) But, there is nothing… No, wait, even just a little bit there is a feeling that something is off. Though the magic itself is not activated.
「Well, I’m not a genius after all nor am I a cheat, just a normal person」

I confirmed my status while making an excuse even thought i don’t know what the effect are and activate the 『Proficiency Appraisal』 into Holy Magic 0 and a window that displayed 【5/1000】 appear. (TLN:  俺は自分に言い訳しながらステータスを確認してみたが効果が分からなかったので『熟練度鑑定』を実行すると聖魔法0【5/1000】とウインドウが出ていた。)
「Thank god. Seems there is no mistake that I can use it」

I decided to chant the spell without making an image. Then the amount of proficiency that increased are only 1.
「Seems there is a need to make an image beforehand」

Because the amount of magic power that displayed on the screen decreased by 10, it seems that each Heal used 5 magic power.
I realized that i can used heal up to 10 times, so I practiced the heal 10 times while holding the image while chanting.
When I was chanting for the 10th time my magic power recovered by 1 and by the end of it my remaining magic power is 1. There is still 1 magic power remains but I can feel the state of exhausting my magic power. I feel terrible headaches and giddiness, and it’s not even possible to stand up for 10 minutes.

Even when I could stand up after that, I feel so bad that i just fall down on top of the bed.
I calmed down after awhile and begin to check my status. My magic power is restored to 5 point.

「I can’t keep going like this. It take too much time… If the magic tome is to be trusted, to prevent this kind of bad feeling, would it be better to spend some time to learn magic power manipulation and magic power control?  Once I get used to it, the magic consumption should decrease.」

I decided to put it into practice after simulating it.

「If my magic power manipulation and magic power control increase, then the necessary magic power needed would lessened, I should work hard on it」

After that I made an effort meditating to sense the magic power, performing magic manipulation, and looking for a method to recover my magic power by trials and errors.

I concentrated about the matter of magic and magic power itself, about the time when my magic power is barely exhausted. I heard the door being knocked three times.
「Please enter」
I somehow managed to gave a reply,
「Oh, are you taking a break? Wait, your face is extremely pale, are you alright?」
When the door opened, the receptionist from back there is there delivering my meal, but she seems to be worried about my pale face instead.

「Yeah, somehow. Rather than that, I want to apologize for forgetting to give my self introduction back then. I’m called Rushiel . Right now I simply exhausted my magic power so there is no need to worry about it. Thank you for have preparing my meal.」

「Fufufu. Still so young but already dependable. My name is Kururu. After you finish your meal, please put the tableware outside of the room. Also, doing something unreasonable is prohibited. If a healer died inside the healer’s guild, then it will cause the credibility of the guild itself to drop」(TLN: 治癒士が治癒士ギルドで倒れたら目も当てられないわ)

「Wawawa. That is natural aren’t they? But I managed to get the hang of it even if it’s just a little bit so I have to keep trying.」

「Well… From your words you seems to be alright. Be sure to take a proper sleep. That way magic power will restored.」

「Understood. Kururu-san」
I gave a salute to her. When Kururu-san see that, she got out of the room while giggling.

After eating the delivered meal I begin to start chanting again, this is the second time for today that I experienced magic power exhaustion and feel like crap, I decide to end today’s training and go to sleep.

I don’t know for how long I sleep. There is a ceiling that I don’t recognize when I open my eyes, I am disappointed by the fact that I got reincarnated, I quickly changed my feeling to get back to my business.
「I’ve already died in my previous life. The standard of living should increase if I work hard. Work hard, Me」(TLN: No fucking idea 「元は死んだ命だ。頑張れば以前よりも生活水準を上げられるぞ。頑張れ、俺」)

Thus the me that get fired up tried to read the magic tome and noticed that the room is bright.

「Now that I think about it, Are they using electricity to constantly keep the room bright? Or is it magic power and magic stone? I need to find out.」

While thinking and muttering about such things, the magic training are resumed until breakfast arrive.

I’ve been chanting and exhausting my magic power ever since awaken but breakfast still hasn’t arrive.

For some reason Rushiel has an increase of concentration.
Ever since being conscious of the magic power in this small room, for some reason has been able to feel the magic power properly.
When proficiency was appraised a while ago, various kind of stuff has increased.

「When the objective is clear it become very rewarding. There is a sense of achievement because there are stuff that’s improve.」
As for me, since hard work is directly related to the result, if I work hard it will obviously return the result with as much as I worked and it make feel motivated.

Since you cannot know whether you will improve or not, people will work harder if they have a target. (TLN: Possible that the inhabitant of this world doesn’t have any way to check the current proficiency while our MC does.) Just like he previously are (TLN: まるで前世の仕事のようだ。)
There are also various new discoveries. For example, meditating will improve meditation, concentration, and magic power recovery. (TLN: Those three are counted as skill)
At the moment I should try various things and try to improve the stuff that I can improve.
Trying to move my battered body, Should I organize my thoughts? Exactly while I’m thinking about that kind of stuff my proficiency increase by 1, it’s pretty shocking since I’ve been doing it for a whole day. (TLN:  身体をバラバラに動かしてたりして、並列思考を覚えるのでは? そう考えて一日やっても熟練度が1しか伸びていなかったのがショックでこれはすぐに諦めた。)

Even if there are failures, I continue making an effort.

「I’m an ordinary person afterall. A main character in a story really is awesome. Well… even if at the present my hard work didn’t paid off, my heart won’t be broken so easily.」

And by the 4th meal, it seems it has become the 3rd day’s morning, and by that time I can already use Heal. (TLN Day 1 : Dinner, Day 2: Breakfast & dinner, Day 3 : Breakfast.)
But I want to maintain the current situation since it’s really good,  I decide to live in here for a little bit longer.

Because i worked hard and able to acquire the meditation, concentration, and magic power recovery skill safely when checking with the Proficiency Appraisal, I decided to leave the room where I locked myself in the past week after arriving here.

When I go to the receptionist, Kururu-san isn’t there.
「Erm, Excuse me. I’m the guy who has been learning holy attribute magic there, today I’ve finally able to use holy attribute magic.」
I speak to the receptionist.
「Congratulations. Then, can you please lend me your card?」
I hand my card to the receptionist who answer with a smile and receive my card back after the procedure is finished.

In the card, Holy Magic, Meditation, Concentration, Magic power recovery are listed.

「Contratulations. You have been working quite hard aren’t you? The please pay a sum of 1 silver coin」

Eh? Have to pay money? while thinking those things 「A, Okay」 and I pay it. It’s good that I have a silver coin with me.

「Excuse me. What should I do after this, Should i go and look for Rumina-sama?」
「Eh? Were you the person that Rumina-sama brought here? Please excuse me. In that case I will return this silver coin to you. By the instruction of Rumina-sama the rent for the room for magic training is free of charge for up to 10 days.」
Oo. Rumina-san is an awesome person after all. And once more my Great Luck skill showed its ability.
Thank you very much great luck sensei.

「Then, is it possible to rent the room for another 3 days?」

「Yes. It is alright if you wished for it. You have been training diligently so far, the guild itself has no problem with it」

The receptionist answer while smiling. (TLN: Gender Neutral.)

When I asked about it, I received a reply about it. When I’m thinking about what to do.

「Thank you very much. Which remind me, when registering I didn’t hear anything about it, can you tell me what kind of guild the healer guild are?」

「Hee? Ah, yes. Healer guild are an organization that born in order to treat people. The ranks for holy attribute are divided into 10 ranks which are G、F、E、D、C、B、A、AA、AAA、S which gradually rises. There are a lot of people who polished their skill in a healing house and go independent later on. While the request for a transfer for a healer is rarely come, you are allowed to refuse it. In addition, in the case that you cannot find a healing house n, the healer guild will employ you so there is no need for worries. (TLN: また、治癒院を探せない場合は治癒士ギルドで斡旋もしていますのでご安心ください」)

I understand now. It means there will be works. Ah, I should ask about that.
「Can someone… join both the healer guild and adventurer guild?」

「Of course. It is possible but it’s not recommended. A healer is acquisition for attack skill are hard. Even if aiming at increasing the rank of the new job, that said job won’t receive any experience and it won’t increase in level. (TLN: From the sounds of it, seems you can’t level your job at the same time, 治癒士は攻撃スキルの取得が得意ではありませんし、新たな職業に昇格を目指すとしても職業に応じた経験を積まないと職業のレベルは上がりません。) Because the necessary job level that needed is VI and above, being a healer can be said as one of the hardest job to level.」

The receptionist told me kindly. By the way, if you didn’t defeat monster, your body level won’t rise.

The main income for a healer is their heal and the market price cost is 1 silver coin per heal.

As for the member of the healer guild, depending on the rank an offering is collected as a tax. To maintain G rank for a year cost 12 silver anually.

For each increase in ranks, the amount increase by 12.

Those healer that can’t earn money, they seems similar to being a corporate slave that need warning.

But if you manage to rank up, seems you can buy a higher rank magic tome for recovery magic to learn the chanting cheaply as a merit.
Annual payment of donation seems to be possible if you manage to learn one high rank recovery magic. (TLN:  上位の魔法を覚えれば一度の回復魔法でもお布施の年払いが出来るらしい。)
I haven’t hear about this kind of sweet deal, a part of me listen to this with a grain of salt. (TLN:  そんなに甘い話はないだろうと俺はそこの部分は話半分で聞いておくことにした。)

Changing the subject, there are people who charge for an exorbitant amount of money, there are a lot of trouble between healing house and investigation committee and get their guild-issued certificate revoked, if that happens the healing house cannot continue to operate which are a matter of life and death.

「Because it has been made cheaper, please don’t cause the guild any trouble」(TLN 「ただ現在はそれがまかり通ってしまっているので、お願いですから問題は起こさないでくださいね」)
I was requested to do that.

By the way, there is no qualification for the healer, some secretly do a treatment, in the case that someone doesn’t have any affiliation with a healing house, in the case someone raise a complaint, the jail awaits, so please think things through when doing your job. The receptionist added.

After hearing about various stuff, as a thanks I paid the guild a silver coin as donation and after that I leave the healer guild.

By the way, the receptionist is called Monika-san, she is a beautiful woman who has light-blue hair whose glasses suits her and giving off an atmosphere of being intelligent.

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