Invincible Saint Ch.0 : Prologue

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00 Prologue

『Status Open』 when i wish it, in front of my eyes a semi-transparent hologram window with pale border appear immediately.

This window, is this a game? While thinking such things, the status screen is projected

Name : Not Set

Job : Not Set

Age : 15

HP: 200 ( Life Force )

MP: 50 ( Magic Aggregate )

STR: 20 ( Strength )

VIT: 20 ( Endurance )

DEX: 20 ( Dexterity )

AGI: 20 ( Quickness )


INT: 20 ( Intelligence , Comprehension )

MGI: 20 ( Magic Power )

RMG: 20 ( Magic Resist)


SP:100 ( Skill, Status Points )

  • None

  • The One Who Has Change Destiny (All Status +10)




「This is totally a game. Hahaa」

The man laugh feebly



Why am I in a situation that seems to be written in a novel prologue?



In the start, it begins with the man that lose his life.

The guy is dead, there is no special meaning to it



「My salary is just due at the next Wednesday. Pres, thanks for all you help all this time」

The man was in charge of an office solution line of work.


「As for this. Ah, that’s right, isn’t Wednesday the date to deliver the products?

The president who gave a good impression called on the man and talk to the businessman with a friendly feeling. (TLN: 気の良さそうな社長と呼ばれる男が親しみを感じさせる言葉を営業の男に掛けた。)


「Yes it is」

The man nodding his head while giving a laugh while smiling.


「So that’s really it. Then next week, before coming go and give me a call first」


Those were the last of the conversation between the man and his president.


「Yosh. I manage to achieve this month’s quota. This will give me promotionー!」

The man mutter with an overjoyed face.


After for about half a year the man finally got his achievement, promotion to an assistant section chief is confirmed from the higher up.


With his current state of mind, if he is not in public he would have start jumping in joy. (TLN: 今の心理状態は、人目が無ければスキップしていたであろう。)

It’s that kind of feeling.


But, at the moment of the man’s happiness, the man that enter the elevator, start to meet his misfortune just like how the elevator start to descend.



The man who begin to walk to the exit of the building notice that the string on his leather shoes become untangled and start to tie his shoelace.

Finally the man left the building. It is at the next moment.


The sound that seems to be a gunshot enter the man’s ear.



The man being surprise suddenly feel the sharp and burning sensation at his left chest and begin fall to his knee. (TLN: Okay, so no truck-senpai. but still dead)


「Is this because I’m surprised by that sound? And didn’t I just enter my thirties?」

After a few seconds, just like it was a lie the pain suddenly disappear.


「What the heck was that sound. Did something explode? A〜a, like this my knee will get dirty」

And while muttering that, the man looked at his surrounding and about to stand up when he finally notice that he cannot exert strength to his foot.


「Eh? Oh crap. Don’t tell I strained my back after that fall? I can’t exert any strength. Eh? There is no pain at all?」

While the man is being agitated, the surrounding people came to look and start screaming 「Ambulance, ambulance!」 .


(What? Don’t tell me that sound just now… Aaah so that was it. That was really a gunshot)


The man judged, And suddenly he feel that his body become colder rapidly.


「No wonder. But I finally got promoted you know? I’ve worked so hard so far, I don’t want to die like this!」

The man tried to steel himself.


Even so, the man cannot rise his knee at all, at that point he lose his consciousness.


It happened when a convenience store robber try to escape, the man killed when a bullet that was shot to intimidate the shopkeeper that just come to the convenience store hit him.


The robber was planning to just release a warning shot. The man appeared just when he leave his building and the bullet that the robber use to threatening hit the man in his left chest.


Because the bullet hit someone, the robber cannot withstand his guilt and few hours later surrender himself to the police.



The promotion

That is the only thing that support the life of the man.


The man itself, like hell I’m gonna die! (TLN:  男には、死んでいられるか! )

There was such strong will.


After promotion I’m going invite that girl to a date.

This is the only driving force of that man.


Probably because of that? With such a strong force of will, he regain his consciousness.



The person himself thought so.

The reason is because he wake normally.

But, the place that the man awaken is a strange place, only strange thing is happening.


The place the man awaken was a space of pure white.

At that place the man are laid down alone.


There are still more strange things.

The man was wearing a suit, but he is wearing some clothes that he is not familiar with.

And what time is this? He tilted his head to the side.


If I’m in the hospital due to getting shot, I should’ve wearing the hospital’s gown.

But the clothes that I wear at the moment, it feels slightly stiff. (TLN:  しかし現在着ている服は、少しごわっとしたそんな造りの服だった。)


There are still more things that feel weird as well.


There are no changes to the body at all.


That’s right. My left chest that should’ve been shot did not have any wound at all.


Even though the man is clearly confuse, he didn’t stop to think at all.


Just where in the world is this? What kind of place is this? And who put this clothes on me?

Various conjecture appear on my mind but they are strongly denied and start to consider other possibilities.




The man is a salaryman around 30 years of age.


He has not married yet, nor did he have any girlfriend but he has many friends.


Nevertheless, he become busy in recent years, farewell and estranged were things that keep increasing, the man planned to be success on life and thinking to look for romance partner and advance it to marriage partner.


When he thought that, the man begin to change little by little.


Especially in this one year that he put amazing effort to it.


And finally the effort has become proportional to the result.



Changing the subject, his hobby is reading.


The amount books which he has read numbered into thousands counting from primary, middle, and high school.


Once entering university he started to begin reading phone novel, after that he started to get into light novel, and before he noticed he has become a light novel otaku.


Well, even being called otaku is only to the point of light novel and never missing an episode of anime.


So it’s not to the point that it hinders his life.


Nowadays he put all of his effort to his job for the sake of his promotion, which results in him sealing up his hobby.


「Don’t tell me it’s that kind of development?」

The man didn’t want to think that.


However, reality is cruel.


《You unfortunate souls   I will let you reincarnate》(TLN: Original had that spacing. Not in any way that it’s a typo.)


Those voices echoes in my mind.


「Will you return me to the original world?」

The man immediately reply.


《You died suddenly so you cannot return to your previous world》


I really died.

「… So what kind of world are you sending me to?」


《A world called Galdardia. A water covered planet just like Earth》


「Then it’s the same as the current world?」

The man asked cautiously.


《Magic exist and so does demon, it is that kind of world》


「That’s impossible for normal people. There certainly novel and anime like that back in the days. I did wished those kind of thing to happen to me. But right now I am an adult who has aged. I don’t think I can enjoy adventuring」


《There are still 9 more unlucky soul that is in your situation, if you don’t hurry it up should I just reincarnate you as it is? If you don’t want that to happen then listen to my explanation》

The man twitch at those words, he seriously scared.


「Please forgive me. Please give me explanation」

That man, like being pushed by something invisible immediately lower his head.

The man still can’t believe that God? would immediately threaten him, it was unexpected.



《Just like you imagined, you will be reincarnated to a world with sword and magic   That world that you are to be reincarnated has demon in it》(TLN: Again, random spacing stuff)



『Status Open』

The man being ordered, wished for that and it immediately appear.

Name : Not Set

Job : Not Set

Age : 15

HP: 200 ( Life Force )

MP: 50 ( Magic Aggregate )

STR: 20 ( Strength )

VIT: 20 ( Endurance )

DEX: 20 ( Dexterity )

AGI: 20 ( Quickness )


INT: 20 ( Intelligence , Comprehension )

MGI: 20 ( Magic Power )

RMG: 20 ( Magic Resist)


SP:100 ( Skill, Status Points )

  • None

  • The One Who Has Change Destiny (All Status +10)

「This is totally a game. Hahaa

The man laugh feebly


Right in front of the man where there is nothing, all of sudden a hologram window appear. Stuff like those that shows his own status are indicated in there.

(Totally fantasy. … Eh? I become younger. Is this a service?)



Being able to change gear quickly is the advantage of being a salaryman.

With that, the man has finally resign to his fate.


《A time limit to set your status is one hour. Race, Age, it has already been decided. The rest are the ones that you can decide yourself. As for the name, there is no family name. The necessary knowledge for Galdardia has already been sent. You will be transferred to Galdardia exactly one hour from now. With that I shall pray for you unfortunate soul so that your next life will be a happy one》


Piron. And that kind of sound resounded.


【Acquired divine protection of Fate God (SP Aquisition Increase)】


「T-Thank you ver-aaaaargghhhhh」

The moment he tried to give my thanks, With the mechanical sound sounding, at the same time his head is assaulted with pain beyond what he can tolerated while knowledge are being implanted inside the head of the man, (TLN: I don’t know why the author keep changing between 1st person and 3rd person or it’s just my japanese that are lacking)


The pain itself isn’t ordinary and feel like being hammered with a blunt item.


The man screamed for less than a minute,


It feel like time has been stretched for longer than that, but the status show the remaining time which are written, 59 minute 7 seconds remain.


「Haa, haa, haa. That pain was not normal」

The man feel like his head was hit with something blunt and something has been burrowing inside his head against his will without any anesthesia at all. it was that kind of pain.


「Seems I obtained the basic knowledge. My head still hurts, but there is no time, I have to keep going」


The knowledge the man got is about the existing countries, countries’ climates, races, continental common currency, and general literacy that exist in Galdardia (TLN: general literacy refer to the letters/ability to read)


The man took a deep breath and decide to continue with character creation albeit unwilling.





In the avatar creation, the initial avatar face fell like that of European descent, the features are deep with brown hair and scarlet pupil.


The name is… Eh, I can’t remember my old name? Why?… Then I should just use name like in an MMO, a combination between Michael(Mikaeru) and Lucifer(Rushifa) should be Rushiel(Rushieru). (TLN:  名前は……あれ名前が思い出せない?なんでだ?……ならMMOで使用していたミカエルとルシファーを合わせた名前で使用していたルシエルにするか。)

The height are increased by 10cm into 185cm, the hair color is changed from tea brown into silver, the pupils are… from scarlet into light purple.

From the knowledge that I get neither the silver hair and purple pupil are unusual so it should be fine to make it as I see fit.


Remaining time still 53 minutes huh.

The knowledge has… Yep. (TLN:  知識は……うん。) I can read and write as well.

Then this is fine.

Also, 15 years is considered an adult so I’m going to have to work immediately.

Still, it would’ve been better if all of this is a dream

Having character creation makes me feel like this is all a game.

It’s that kind of feeling.


「The place that I’m going to be sent is either plain, forest, or labyrinth that relatively close to the town. However it all depends on luck. The skill has level and the best it has is X. (TLN: X as in 10) Skill can be acquisition by either SP or by an effort.


I begin to consider stuff.

There are still a lot of stuff that I don’t understand but from the looks of it the factor called luck is considerably strong.

As for the skill they can be categorized into Offense, Defense, Magic, Auxiliary, Production, Living, and Investigation, there sure are lots of theme.

I look for a hole in the setting while interacting with the status screen in front, but there is no search system and nothing that hides it either. There doesn’t seem to be any choice other that searching steadily.


First is Luck. Gambling is definitely influenced by it, even in job having an affinity as someone in charge of your customer, in the first place if you are luckless it might just end up like me being suddenly shot and lose my life.

I begin to calculate the SP needed for the skill while thinking about stuff like that


Auxiliary → Ability Value → Luck → Good Luck, Strong Luck, Great Luck, Devil’s Luck, Absolute Luck, Heaven’s Luck, are what appeared, Absolute luck cost 100P while on the other hand Heaven’s Luck cost 500P which is outright out of question.

For the time being I’ll put 10P in luck from the list.


The next necessary one are magic.

Magic → Magic Properties → Light, Holy, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Thunder, Darkness, Space Time. Four Attributes are 10P   Holy 20P   Thunder 30P   Light and Darkness 50P, Space Time is 100P.


Furthermore, there are stuff that are necessary for magic, Magic → Chanting → Chanting Reduction, Chanting Destruction, No Chanting, Magic Square Chanting, are what appeared


But that is not enough. This is very bad.

What is? Of course it is regarding the SP.

There are just overwhelmingly not enough.


I didn’t expect to have no cheat since the beginning. (TLN:  何も最初からチートなど望んではいない。)


If that happen it should be good, but this is reality afterall.


Recovery magic and Auxiliary magic can be used when acquire the Holy attribute which cost 20P, Chanting destruction 20P, No Chanting 30P, Magic Square Chanting 30PP


Living → Cooking is the same as production’s Blacksmith which are just a normal skill. (TLN:  生活→料理などが並んでいるし生産も鍛冶など普通スキルのみだった。)


There are also nothing special about the Assault skills.


And there is the trap. Even if the skill is chosen, there is the possibilities of being weaponless.


I don’t know were to start, if you don’t have a blade, the Blade Technique(Kenjutsu) skill won’t activate.


After thinking about it, I decide to learn the Taijutsu technique for safety with 5P.


…… I only get a combat skill in this white space to increase my ability.

These kind of guy doesn’t look like he’ll survive for a long time.

While thinking of such thing I begin to read the list to search for, loopholes and Plunder group, Copy group skill, but there is none, and while being lost I repeat multiple simulation to optimize the skills. (TLN:  そんなことを考えながら文章を読み、抜け道や強奪系、コピー系のスキルを探したが無かったので、迷いながらも繰り返しシミュレーションを重ねてスキルを取得した。Basically the MC seems to be doing multiple mental simulation to find the best build from the list of skills. probably)


And the results are Advanced Appraisal 20P, Taijutsu 5P, Great Luck 50P, Holy Attribute Magic Affinity 20P, and Magic Power Control 5P.



There are still 18 minutes left remaining. And with that I went over my skills again to check for any defect. Because of that my eyes are attracted to the JOB choices.

A certain screen showing when touching it.

〔Please establish the occupation〕


Under it are varieties of occupation are listed.


「So I have to set this one by myself If I did not do any review on it, isn’t that a perfect trap?」


While thinking that kind of thing, I went to examine the job list.


Swordsman, Magic User, Healer, Thief, Merchant ……… there are a lot of choices, but I choose being a healer.


Maybe it would’ve been better to choose either swordsman or a magic user.

It’s just that there are the possibilities of not being able to use healing magic as swordsman or magic user, it might not be possible to acquire magic so I was being extremely cautious.


The remaining time is 9 Minutes 42 Seconds before it end…… Before pressing the button, each skills are reviewed, I take another look at the skills that I want to take or can be learned through effort and make a note inside my mind (TLN:  残り9分42秒完了……ボタンを押す前に、各スキルを見直し、取りたいまたは努力で取れそうなスキルを頭に入れながら見ていく。What button? Also, fuck the last part.)


When I choose the completion with 3 minutes remaining, I stand on a grassy plain with 3 pieces of silver coin.


There really is nothing as far as eyes could see, even looking far away all that I can see is the plain.



「…… Could it be the time are the money?」(TLN: Time is money, 「……まさかの時は金なりですか?」 This line can be either ‘is this money for emergency or what I translate above.)

Rushiel looking at the sky and mutter that.


And slowly took a deep breath to clam his mind.


After calming down he start looking at his surrounding.

There are some distance but he can see something that looks like a town outer wall.


After judging from the distance it seems to be a fairly large town.


I become relief after looking at what looked like a city and begin to advance towards it while being careful of the surroundings.







《I’ve kept my promise of delivering the promised 10 souls》


《Indeed   With this the world would become more interesting》


《The one being sent are only ordinary souls   They should have very high adaptability otherwise   They might not even be able to live   They will fall into a difficult situation》(TLN: I’m as confused as i can get with this line  《凡庸な魂しか送っておらん 余程適応能力が高い者でなければ 暮らすこともままならず 困難な状況に陥るだろう》)


《Well neither you or me could interfere   I only look and watch on the souls that I receive   If these guys dead we should do another bet or an exchange》


《…… Only if I feel like it》

One light went off (TLN: FIRST BLOOD!)


《This time it does not interesting》

When murmuring that another light went off.


The Fate God handed a total of 10 souls along with the man to the Supreme God of the other world


The fate god made a bet with the Supreme God from different world and lose, resulted in him handing 10 ordinary souls that considered not dangerous to the other side.


Only to the last soul, the man, that the Fate God give a divine protection (TLN: And this is the guy who complain that he didn’t get a cheat, micro-cheat)


Rushiel has been fate to die, it is his fate to die on the street, he resisted dying by force of will alone and extend it by one minute longer.


Therefore when he was chosen as one of the ten souls it is unclear whether it’s good or bad luck.


Which is why the Fate God handed a divine protection to the man. It is so the Fate God can watch his future after he hand his soul over to the God from the other world.


Neither the Fate God nor the Supreme God of Galdardia knows what kind of result will this bring.


In this way 10 souls from earth are reincarnated from Earth to the other world Galdardia.



Name : Rushiel

Job : Healer

Age : 15

HP: 200

MP: 50

STR: 20

VIT: 20

DEX: 20

AGI: 20


INT: 20

MGI: 20

RMG: 20



Magic Power Aptitude : Divine


  • Advanced Appraisal
  • Taijutsu I
  • Great Luck
  • Magic Power Control I

  • The One Who Has Change Destiny (All Status +10)
  • Divine Protection of Fate God (SP Aquisition Increase)

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