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TL: TheDefend
TLC : Tseirp


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Chapter 019: In order to become stronger, invitation to join the training of the Paladin Corps






Healer V (1)












73 (31)


108 (36)


111 (50)


107 (43)


76 (29)


100 (46)


73 (19)



Magic Aptitude:






Throwing IV(1)

Great luck

Dismantling II

Taijutsu V

Danger Perception IV

Magic Power Control VII

Footwork IV(1)

Magic Power
Manipulation VII

Parallel Thinking II(1)

Holy Magic VII

Sword Mastery II(1)

Meditation V

Shield Mastery I

Concentration VII(1)

Spear Mastery II(1)

HP Recovery IV

Archery I

MP Recovery VI

Chant Shortening IV(1)

Stamina Recovery V

Chant Termination I


HP Increased Rate of Growth VI(1)

MP Increased Rate of Growth VI(1)

ST Increased Rate of Growth VI(1)

STR Increased Rate of Growth VI(1)

VIT Increased Rate of Growth VI(1)

DEX Increased Rate of Growth VI(1)

AGI Increased Rate of Growth VI(1)

INT Increased Rate of Growth VI(1)

MGI Increased Rate of Growth VI(1)

RMG Increased Rate of Growth VI(1)


Poison Resistance VI

Weakness Resistance VI

Paralysis Resistance VI

Seal Resistance VI

Petrification Resistance VI

Disease Resistance VI

Sleep Resistance VI

Blunt Damage Resistance II

Charm Resistance II

Illusion Resistance I

Curse Resistance VI

Mental Resistance I


Altered Destiny (All status +10)

God of Destiny’s blessing(Increased SP


Adventurer’s Guild:

E rank

Healer’s Guild:

A rank


「It really is still level 1. I also didn’t grow much … Eh my status increased across the board … Wait, isn’t the increase too much? All of it increased by 1.5 times in the span of 10 days.」
After returning yesterday, I started a one-man reflection meeting for a long time. I organized the reasons why I was conceited into bullet points but became even more depressed when it didn’t even fit into a single A4 sized parchment.
As for the easy to understand reflections points, although I knew that it was right before the boss fight, because I didn’t put the various defense up barrier magic and couldn’t use spells, I ended getting flustered and treated my sword and spear as blunt weapons.
「When a sword hit a wall or floor or a hard place, the blade will be dulled at the spot where it hit, as for the lance, rather than becoming distorted, it even became slightly bent. If instructor Broad found out, I’ll definitely get scolded by him and see the revolving lantern again. And Grulga-san will definitely make me drink a whole cask of object X…」 (TLN: It seems in prev chapter, the barrel thing was a hand-sized carriable barrel, while this one refer to a wine-sized barrel)
That might sound like paranoia, but there are several accidents in the past where that happen and I can’t defy them at all. Well, they are actually good people, so it’s fine. (TLN: Really??)
「Should I ask if I can join the training for the Paladins and the Priest Knights? Oh that’s the end for today’s morning training. A~ So hungry」
After finishing the morning training, I went to the dining hall.

「Luciel」 when I was walking towards the dining hall, I heard Lucy calling me and when I turned around I saw Lucy-san, Lumina-san, and another girl.
「Good morning. Lumina-sama, Lucy-san. Also, nice to meet you, good morning. I am Luciel. 」 I greeted them.
「Good morning Luciel-kun」
「Good morning. My name is Kuina and I’m assigned to Lumina-sama’s unit」
「Once again, nice to meet you. Kuina-san. Is everyone on the way to breakfast as well?」
「Yes. We always take our breakfast after we finish with our morning training」
「I see. I was slightly later than usual today so we actually met each other」
「By the way, It has only been 10 days but I heard that you are now being listed as a veteran」
「A~ about that…… I’ve been reflecting on that since yesterday」
「Fumu. If it’s alright with you, tell me about that. How about we have breakfast together?」 Oh, it’s only morning and Great Luck has been triggered?
「Yes. By all means, please」 and with that the four of us moved to get breakfast.

While eating the breakfast, I told them everything about the exorcising and the blunder that happened yesterday.
「… Just what in the world did you think you were doing?」 and Lumina-san was shocked,
「Are you looking for death?」 and Lucy-san with eyes full of scorn looked at my way.
「It’s stupidity. You were being lucky. Normally you would have been dead」 even with this being our first meeting, Kuina spoke with words full of venom.
「A~ And here I thought you have graduated from being ignorant after much troubles, you went and did something so reckless this time」
「For what it’s worth, I’ve been doing a one-person reflection for a half day since yesterday , so please forgive me this time. My spirit is already crumbling right now」
「So concretely what do you want to do now?」
「I would like to return back to Meratoni to train myself back so I can become stronger」
「As a general rule for healers,  the transfer from the headquarters is not accepted unless a written appointment comes out」
「If you want to train, I think it can be arranged」
「Eh? Really?」
「Yes. I think it will be hard for a healer, but it is possible to join in on the training of the paladins. However, there won’t be individual instructions」
「. . . Could I request that it doesn’t interfere with my exploration of the labyrinth?」
「Fumu. Then once a week, there would be an intense training on every day of fire」
「Yes. I look forward to training with you (Yoroshikuonegaishimasu)」 and with that, it has been decided that I will participate in the paladin’s training.

After receiving the lunch box and returning to my room as usual, I drank object X and walked towards the Undead Labyrinth (Temp).
Because I learned illusion resistance, I already knew that the true form of the labyrinth itself was an illusion (was what I thought).
As for the exploration from today onward, it should not be a tough fight until the boss on the 20th floor so I blazed through.
However, the exploration was really time consuming, I plan to fix my self-conceited attitude before starting to fight the boss on the 20th floor…… for the sake of the awesome reward.
Thus before I entered the labyrinth I decided to take a look at the shop first, but Katria-san was not here today, since that’s the case I just started the exploration of the Undead Labyrinth (temp).

As I walked, I cast the purification magic. However, unlike yesterday, the monsters seemed to disappear completely when I had a clear image of the chanting and purification.
「A~ so nervous. It’ll be annoying if a Wight appear again. 」 I cast all of my buff magic in front of the boss room. And the door that I opened closed after I entered inside.
「There really are a lot of them. I should fire the spells」 When I start to pray and cast the purification magic, most of them got erased.
「Weak!?」 With just 3 cast of purification and several attacks, the battle in the boss room finished in about a minute.
With an accompanying sound GOOOOOON the stairs appeared 「Will it be this noisy each and every time this happens ?」 and after descending the stairs, I went back to the 10th floor and confirmed that the monsters on the boss room has indeed revived.
Before starting the 11th floor exploration I took a small break inbetween floors.

「If the person who made this was the Pope, the Pope must be a reincarnated person」 Up until the 10th floor the surface of the wall was white. But starting from this point it’s red.
Well, with this it’s possible to determine which floor I am on in units of 10 floors.
「SEI, TAA, WAAAA. 」  Stabbing the spear, pulling it back and then thrusting the sword. Ending with a high kick towards the zombie’s head which made the head bend in strange direction, and severing it’s head with the magic channeled sword.
「As expected, It really is better to be prepared to use Taijutsu. Nevertheless, it’s zombies again? Certainly the appearance of the zombie feel slightly faster than before, but there doesn’t seem to be any difference」
I kept advancing while picking magic stones and drawing the map. 「Is it expanding slightly?」 I kept advancing while ascertaining it. The amount of monsters doesn’t differ,  there also doesn’t seem to be any change elsewhere.
The exploration of the 11th floor finished and based on my biological clock it should be just slightly after noon. 「If I have this monsters won’t approach when I’m eating the bento. Why was this not passed on at the Adventurer’s Guild?」

Luciel does not know, but when Object X is poured on grass or trees they wither, farmers fear this thing more than pests. Therefore, you can only wholesale this to a person who can drink it.
After completing the exploration for the 12th floor, today’s exploration ended.
「A, welcome Luciel-kun. Then let’s check your point first」
「Yes. Please do」 Crap. Yesterday’s impression was too strong, it made me slightly tense.
「You don’t need to be that scared you know. It’s not like I will catch you and eat you.  Alright. Today’s earnings are 12,119P」
「I’m sorry. Since the Katria-san from yesterday was really imposing, I became slightly nervous. Are you perhaps a former paladin or a priest knight, or are you a group directly under the supervision of the Pope? I should probably stop my delusions」
「Fufufu. You shouldn’t inquire on a woman too much you know? Because a woman prefer to have secrets. As for a someone who likes to pry, something bad will definitely happen to him」
「That’s true. There are lots of stuff in this world that one is better off not knowing. Hahaha」
「Fufufu. A, that reminds me. This is the magic bag」
「Oo. Wait, isn’t this just a bag?」
「Go ahead and pour your magic power in there」
When magic power was transmitted 「O, Oo, The color changed」
Originally it was a light brown leather bag and it’s become a pale-colored leather bag.
「Right. With this Luciel-kun can be said to have a personal magic bag. To use it, Luciel-kun need to be within 1 meter of the magic bag as the condition, as for how to store an object, Luciel-kun need to touch the object and think that the item will enter to store it. And when you need to take it out, you only need to imagine taking the item out inside your mind」
「Thank you very much」 I touch the bag and start to imagine the way to use it 「Perhaps there are several volumes of spell books stored inside?」
「Correct. To make you work even harder from now on, as a service there is a set of existing magic spell books inside」
「So even that spell book there?」(TL: He is referring to the super expensive spell book he was aiming for.)
「Yes. That’s right」 Hasn’t Great Luck been awesome lately? It’s already Great Luck-sensei.
「If that’s the case . . . . .」 Thus I bought 4 mithril sword, 4 short spear, a bow and 5 set of quivers (20  per set). In addition, I bought several potions as well.
「You shouldn’t work yourself too hard」 and she returned to being the usual Katria-san, I said my greetings as usual as I returned back to my own room.
I began putting great effort into reading the spell books that I got today and turn them into my own power. And the next day I completely finished the exploration until the 15th floor and to prepare for the paladin’s training the next day I went to bed early.



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      • I think the author made a mistake by letting Luciel continue to believe that it’s an illusion. It was somewhat alright before the boss fight but not understanding that it is real after so many people told him that he should have died makes him look retarded.

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