Status Update

Okay, some of you that did lurk at tseirp’s chatbox should’ve already known how busy I am.
I’ll say it again, law related crap is super annoying. Unless someone can actually recommend me a hitman to take care of this guy (this is a joke unless someone thought this is real) I’ll probably gonna be back to translating somewhere next month.

On the other hand, any1 got a recommendation of a super short per chapter (isekai cheat is a good example) that is pretty much is isekai theme and no gender bender (18+ stuff accepted except bl, fuck bl) to translate, please say in the comment, or any other currently dropped series that you wished to be picked up.


2 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. There is a teaser with only the summary translated at Natsu TL that I find interesting…
    The story is called Soda☆Sis, according to the comments it is slow-paced reincarnation story, where the main character is an infant and a kid for like 200 chapters….

    Looking at the raw and copy-pasting to google docs to check the character count (as I cannot read that at all….. ha ha) the first chapter had less than 3000 characters, around chapter 70 it was 5000 characters…

    To be honest I have no idea if that is short or long as a raw, or when translated to English… And google translate isn’t accurate…. like always….. The story is R-15, so I guess its not completely adult (I think R-15 is like mature, right? R-18 is adult) don’t think it has bl based on the title…. though not sure on gender bender (I don’t think it does)
    Anyways the raw table of contents link is:
    Natsu TL summary:

    If you decide to TL this, thank you very very much!
    (I noticed that no one had commented any novels… or maybe they were deleted… so I thought I would suggest something at least)

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