Invincible Saint Legend of Rainstar (ISLoR) ch.0

As promised, this Raph has returned from his burrowing due to swamped from RL and being sick.
Now since tseirp has pretty much covered IS and doing an obviously better job than me (*sob*) I decide to just translate this side story.

Gonna have to register this series at NU, and hopefully I can at least bring 1 chapter a week (or 4 a month)

And since I’m sure most people won’t bother reading this, just go and have your fix. ciao o/

00 God’s Prank  Reincarnated Against Will

Translator: TheDefend

TLC: Tseirp

The quiet business district in the middle of the night makes the hustle and bustle in the morning seem like an illusion, and is also the time I prefer the most. Even though it is late at night, a time when you hear touts inviting customers to taverns and the night city when you enter a side road, I am here working hard for my job.
If you choose to glance sideways towards the road opposite, you will arrive at the quiet residential area, and my house is in this direction as well.
It is a house that I began renting a year ago in consideration of the commuting distance.
Now, I am forced to work overtime precisely because my house is close by, but I don’t receive overtime pay due to the bad practices of small companies. Even so, although I’m struggling, I’m still working here.
I am only allowed to write the end work timing decided by the attendance time chart. This kind of conditions are common for a small scale borderline black company.
Working from morning till late at night is my daily life. It was at this moment…

?! I was involved in an unexpected event. As I was walking the ground just collapsed all of a sudden.
I stretched out my arm but was not able to react in time as I was falling quicker than my reaction.
And at the very next moment, I was in a white room and before my eyes was a man? who had his face hidden.

Where am I? As I was about to ask that my voice would’t come out.

「Iya〜 This is totally a harassment from Earth’s God, to create a sink hole with the size of a manhole late at night, you won’t think to pinpoint a passing person like that right?」 (TLN: I did mention these gods are an asshole right?)
Ahaha, was the laugh of the person in front of me with the androgynous voice who seems to be the one who cause this unexpected event.

「Please don’t go and glare at me like that in silence. I am pretty much a God from your point of view after all, although I’m not related to this world. Judgment have been passed, you are dead」
Tehe, was what this reckless guy calling himself God did.

And it’s not that I won’t speak, rather it’s more of I can’t speak.
「Well then, it’s troublesome to make fun of you who keeps glaring, so let’s continue the talk」
Now, God began to talk elatedly.

「The conclusion is, you are dead. How do I say this, I as well didn’t expect this kind of development lol.  That’s why, go to heaven or be reincarnated, I will let you choose one.」
He stared at me happily.

「Eh? You want to be reincarnation in another world lol  it can’t be helped then. That right〜 I’ll give you the appraisal skill and literacy ability just like your world’s novels. I’m so kind right?」 (TLN: This shit ass God is now using ‘boku’ although he never used any so far)
This guy? proclaiming himself as God had a high tension just like a kid touched my body.

「Ah, that’s right. I will make it such that you can strengthen yourself with status points later. Go walk off into your new life. You can also go and worship me, the Chief God of Galdardia. Then now, go and have fun」 (TLN: I am so wanting to punch this god) (Tseirp: Woah yeah he really pisses people off…to think this is the Chief God.)
After those words, my consciousness rapidly drifted to the sky, and I finally lost consciousness.

Let me sum it up. It’s only natural that I couldn’t move my body or be able to speak. Hitodama. (TLN: Japan’s version of will-o-wisp) That was my form on that white space.
Due to that God running wild, I was forcefully reincarnated into another world.


Author’s Note:
Thank you very much for reading
Since Invincible Saint need revision, I started this gaiden (TLN: Gaiden : Supplementary biography/anecdote/side story/spin-off)
So I can write smoothly, please don’t have too high of expectations.

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  2. Why are most gods such jerks? If I would be reincarnated like that I’m certain to plan my revenge. But then again Rainstar did lay the High-elf so he got this going for him.

    Makes me wonder, in Luciels time line the pope AND her mother should be alive since to a High-elf some 300 years is like nothing. So I hope to meet her in both novels.

    Thanks for the translation.

    @GM_Rusaku: you are even more helplessly pressing F5 on or your reading list on wp.

    • Tags generally added by people, and i have absolutely no idea how this side story gonna develop.

      I forgot to add story relation. Just added it though.

      • Plus the Author note makes it sound like, “Since I got stuck in IS, I’m gonna elaborate on this character I barely mentioned, until the writer’s block on IS runs it’s course, teehee :p”

        Still should be a good story though, so thanks for the TL 😀

  3. thanks for picking this.
    is this series long? or just a short one meant to pass time of readers of the main story?

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