ISLoR ch1 38%

Okay, so it’s apparently obvious that I can’t brought 1 chapter per week as initial plan


On serious note,

Seriously, the more I translate this ch. the more I just want to punch the author. Am I supposed to translate a story or a baby birthing process?!?!?!

Also, Have I mentioned how much I hates prologues!?!?!?

01 A Mother’s Warmth and A New Life

TL: TheDefend

TLC: Tseirp
I don’t know how much time has passed since the man? who introduced himself as God forced me to reincarnate to another world.

Right now I’m simply inside a stomach. (TLN: Da fawk?) That was something I sensed when I finally obtained my consciousness.

At first, it was a feeling of being wrapped in something warm

And the next thing I felt, was that it was connected to the feeling of being absolutely secure, it transmitted a strange gentle feeling.

The conclusion I had was that I was most likely connected to my mother.

My consciousness drifted away many times, I had some time to think after waking up before losing consciousness once again, as this cycle repeating itself.

Yet the feeling of being secure continued all this time.

My eyes had not opened yet, my body can only move ever so slightly, and then after being struck by drowsiness my consciousness once again drifts away, that was my daily life.

How much time has passed already? I don’t get hungry, and cannot move comfortably either. I gradually became tired of this daily life.

A gentle voice of a woman can be heard subtly. When trying to concentrate on the voice a sudden drowsiness assail me, once again the chance to hear the voice had come to a pass.

Then, a moment later I could hear once again.
「Are you a boy? or are you a girl? as long as you are born safely it doesn’t matter.」
With those gentle words, my mother’s gentle voice caused the irritation inside me to disappear.
The reason why a newborn would feel attachment or love towards the mother, I can somehow understand the reason for that.
I don’t know if I felt that way in my previous life as well, but I’m glad if I did, as I fell asleep once more.

By turning my consciousness outward, I can listen to fragments of conversation from the outside world from within.
In addition, there is this mysterious sensation sleeping within my body, something that I can increasingly take out and retract to played with.
Well, that was the way I could use to kill time with the exception of sleeping or when information from the outside came in.

At some point I could recognized whose voice it was, the person other than my mother were my dad called Glass and my big brother Raster, mother’s big brother Granbert, his wife Milphis, sometime the neigbourhood wives and the greengrocer Lodor came.

While listening to the conversations a strange feeling appeared and disappeared, it somewhat felt like electricity~ while thinking about that I tried to move, but it was unexpectedly hard, I repeatedly experimented on different ways and was frustrated, before I could finally move after god knows how many times I’ve slept.

I tried to imagine the mysterious feeling moving, it was difficult to move it throughout my whole body, so I tried to have it appear from all parts of my body.
I quickly managed to achieve that.

As I was feeling satisfied with what I had achieved, my body jolted and I was introduced to the outside world. (TLN: And that kids, is how your miracle baby came to be)

I lost consciousness from the considerable pain at the start … but this other world was not kind to me.


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