6 thoughts on “Still alive

  1. So hey. We all understand you have real life to take care of and all (And personally, I really wish you the best of luck on the matter. Real life takes priority, so take your time.), but can you come back to this site once a month to let us know you’re still alive?

    • Oh wow, has it been that long since last announcement? I only had around 10% done for the next chapter. XD

      • Yeah, real life takes precedent, and time just passes by. Glad to see you’re actually still alive. Best of luck, and take all the time you need, alright?

        Even if us readers are anticipating the next chapter. XD

      • I love the manga, and the people who translate it, but at the very least, for me, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to read the LN or WN version of it.

        I’d elaborate, but I attempted to a moment ago, took a look at how wordy and blocky it seemed, and just deleted it and gave up so that I wouldn’t seem like an annoying awkward moron who takes too long to explain his own views. I’ll just say that the block of text ended up being about twice as big as this comment is currently. XP

      • I’ll just condense it down into two statements, because I can’t keep my mouth shut. Apologies in advance.

        Anime and manga have more visual appeal, but LN/WN has more details it can build upon because they aren’t limited by time or space. I don’t know how much was left in or left out in the manga, but just reading the story itself has its own charm, whether it be from world building or thought processes.

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