Translation work resume

people wont bother to read this
21 December project resume


No, it’s not dropped, just a quick announcement

Okay, I’m still here. BUT, as you can see I’ve become really busy lately. If there is some of you out there that actually want to do this project as well, you guys are welcome to translate it. Since i cant put out a decent release speed anyway.

I’ll provide the volume 1 raw to you people if you wanted and I’ll do the editing for it to preserve the terminology used so far. Just tell me if you want to work on it so we don’t have a clashing chapter.


Project are open, raws provided, i’m still working on it.

Nonbiri B1C5 Part3 Release

A.k.a the forgotten part, it was far too short to made into a separate chapter, nor too irrelevant since next chapter were pretty much back to the real world for a bit.

why the hell is this shit don’t have their own fucking chaptering ;A;