Nonbiri B1C5 Part1 Release

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Nonbiri B1C4 Part2 Release

Heeeya folks, sorry for a bit of late release, original plan was to separate it into 3 or 4 parts, but since I figure, “screw it, I’ll just finish it all before release”, you get the full chapters 😀

And yes, we are 33% finished on book1, also, I didn’t use the numbering on alphapolis since they are forcing it to be separated into 16 parts and forcefully made it cost into around 500 Yen. Which means we have finished 5 chapters if using alphapolis numbering

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Here are the lines where you can copy paste them to find the part before part 2
(EDIT: Accidentally purged the entirety of part1, it has been fixed)

After confirming whether we forgotten anything, we return the chair back to its place under the workbench I begun to walk without losing sight of the two.