Book 1 Chapter 1

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TL: TheDefend
TLC: Kookie
Special Thanks : Elephant#5, Ziru, Frozen, MPT, Tobikage, and probably some more that I missed

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Today, a new VRMMO is being released all around the globe called 【REAL&MAKE】、also known as R&M

The one that launched R&M was a small Japanese company called 【Fantasy story】 and it has now grown into a company that you can not left out when talking about VRMMO.

You can easily play with a computer connected to the internet and a personal VR headset.

The reasons for why such a simple game popular was because it could do high-speed processing (高速演算) which made it possible to experience a real-life fantasy world that everyone longs for at least once in their lifetime.

A vast expanse of land, battle which a person’s judgment determine life and death, Guild vs Guild, NPCs equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence)to be even more human-like. And over 10,000 classes to chose from, each with different types of skills that give you an infinite number of possibilities!

『Create your another self!』/『Let’s make your another real』/ 『Create another (real) version of yourself! Get *making*!』 (T/N: The furigana kinda changed the meaning and i’m including 3 version; Literal kanji, Literal furigana, Forced combination of both)

So, my little sisters showed me these overtly grandiose promotional videos but what did they want me, Kokonoe Tsugumi, to do?  It’s not like I play a lot of video games.  Not that I can’t predict to a certain degree what it might be… Suppressing my sigh, I turned to look at my overly-excited little twin sisters.

「First of all, knock when you enter someone’s room. Didn’t I always tell you that?」

「Uuu. Sorry. But, we have important favor to ask to Tsugu-nii!」

「Yep, important. Really important」

「……Haaaah. This must be about buying the game」

My little  sisters were about a decade younger than me.  The older of the twins, Kokonoe Hibari, held the notebook PC and looked at me with eyes full of expectations

Next to her stood the younger sister Hitaki, she showed me a paper bag that she has been hiding all this time behind her back. A logo mark of a major consumer electronics retailer is printed there, this girl who always has a cool demeanor is somehow being smug.

I unconsciously release the sigh that I’ve been withholding.

The one who tied her hair on the right side is Hibari, while the one who tied her hair on the left side is Hitaki. Since they are identical twins their face is the same but, their personality and their way of speech is different, it’s pretty easy to distinguish them once you get used to it.

Hibari is full of energy, whereas Hitaki’s characteristic is her somewhat emotionless tone of voice.  Also, Hibari call me with 「Tsugu-nii」 while in contrast, Hitaki simply call me with 「Tsugu-ni」 without extending the end of the sentence.

Both of them have soft black hair and big and beautiful bright colored eyes. They have round faces that emphasise their youth, and look cute as my little sisters.

Because the twins are similar to their mothers, they are not very similar to me who are on our father’s side. Well, this is normal.

「Not really. We already have the game. We won’t put a financial burden to Tsugu-ni」

「?   ……Ha?」

「The other day when Tsugu-nii wasn’t here, we asked dad to buy it~!」

「……The hell are you doing you shitty old man. I’ll report this to mom later」

「Dad were always soft on their daughters. This is common sense. Too easy」

I sighed deeply, complaining about my pain-in-the-neck father to myself.

Let’s tattle to mom, so he’ll be the only one who doesn’t get food the next time he comes back from his workplace. That idea flashed on my head.

She is usually always smile brightly, however when she is angry the only word that can be used to define her is scary. She becomes unapproachable. (取り付く島もない。)

「In that case, there’s no need for you to tell me right? It couldn’t be helped that it was bought, so since you like games, you can play by yourselves, right?」

I tilted my head questioningly. With a TV or monitor and with the software, the game can be played so I won’t be necessary. Although that came out quite bad, they should be fine to do it however they want.

Whether the twin were expecting such question, Hibari started to speak in high spirit.

「FuuFuuFuu. The reason why we didn’t do that, Is-be-ca-u-se……」

「We are 13 years old, we were caught in the rating. Players below 15 years need to be accompanied with a person above 20 years old or they cannot play. Too bad」

「Hii-chan! That was awful, I was supposed to be the one who said that. Well, because of that, we need Tsugu-nii’s help~!」

While holding a laptop computer with one hand, Hibari who withhold the answer, was instead being answered by Hitaki because she was getting impatient. As a result she made a miserable expression and she put her free hand that isn’t holding the laptop in front of her face and did a posture like they are begging to me. (そのせいか一瞬情けない表情をするも、パソコンを持っていない手を顔の前で立て、俺を拝おがむ体勢となる。)

I see. That’s why they are being so desperate.

「……Even if I said no, you guys are just going to keep pestering me right? At least until I nod my head.」

「Yep, you understand well~」

「Bath, wash back. Younger sister’s sexual charm is effective on the elder brother」

「……Hitaki, where did you get that kind of knowledge from?」

「Fufuu, maiden’s secret」

The pictures of them both coming to persuade me while in the middle of work, shopping, cooking, and bath came to my mind.

Fu~mu. A necessity for a person under 15 to be accompanied by someone above 20 years old, is this game safe in the first place? Is it not morally dangerous?

Today is Saturday, the time is slightly past 11 am.

I sat on the sofa in my room and looked at my sisters who still waited for my reply, after being silent for awhile I begin to gather my thought then decide to open my mouth.

「I got it. However, if it’s going to be a bad influence, you guys are to stop immediately okay? Also, don’t expect me to be skilled at the game」

「Ya-yatta! Thank you Tsugu-nii!」

「I’m happy we can be together. So Tsugu-ni feelings won’t change I’ll prepare it immediately」

Hibari whom being happy by my words start jumping up in delight. Smiling happily she sat down next to me, Hitaki started to taking out the game out of the paper bag and prepare it.

Your big brother is tipping a hat on your extensive energy you know. I wonder who do you resemble on your love for games.

I was handed a really cool headset from Hitaki.

This is a machine called VR Hard exclusively for this game, you can wear it on your head and press the switch next to it to enter the virtual world. (T/N: Yes, it’s called that VRハード)

Of course, it seems that it’s useless unless you can connect the terminal to a computer with an internet. It is a headset for R & M only, so it can’t be used in other games.

During usage the brain waves are being managed, and it seems that you get the same feeling as moving your own body in reality.

So does that means as someone who is not good at exercise, it’s the same in the virtual world? Fumu, that’s slightly regretable.

「Tsugu-nii. Age, appearance, sex is based on reality? Ah, but there is a unique equipment if you choose class outside of human, you can use appearance outside of human!」 (歳、外見、性別は現実が反映されるからね? あぁでも、人外系の職業を選べば固有装備があるから、人間とはかけ離れた外見になれるよ!」)

「…… Hee, Recent games sure goes all out」(「……へぇ、最近のゲームは本格的なんだな」)

「You can forcefully change your gender, but that just turn you into an okama」(T/N: Crossdresser. Just google it)

「…… That one, is impossible for me」

「We will protect Tsugu-ni. Let’s do the character making together, Let’s do it!」(T/N: 一緒にキャラメイクするから、頑張がんばろう」 Subject to change)


「Then~, Let’s login!」

Then the 3 of us press the button that is attached to the headset and with the feeling that our consciousness is sinking, it immediately turned dark.

For a first time experience, this sure feel uncomfortable.

◆ ◆ ◆

My consciousness suddenly surfaced. It’s a pure white room. After confirming the twins are next to me, I looked over at the surrounding frantically.

There is nothing special around. The walls around are colored in unified white, it’s hard to grab a sense of distance on it.

I looked at my hand, opening and closing and started to contemplate hard.

「This is the world inside the game? Fumu, no matter how you looked at it my hand is……」

「……Hah! Fi-finally I have entered, the world of R&M that I’ve been dreaming of~!」

「Calm down, Hibari」

「……Hibari-chan, this is still the entrance. Still have to make character」

Hibari who is brimming with excitement and Hibari who regained her calm quickly held their hand up and declared 「Character Make!」 with a loud voice. I don’t know what to do so I kept still. It’s better to trust the twins for now.

And all of a sudden, a cyber-cosmetic light appeared inside the pure white room and in front of me, there seemed to be a semi-transparent colored window opened without sound.

Then, the voice of a gentle woman sounds.

『Confirmed player under 15 years old. Confirmed leading player over 20 years old. Welcome to the world of 【REAL&MAKE】! I am the guide for this make room and the one who watch over this world. For R&M it’s all about another person to weave themselves into the tale. What you do is what you wished. Now then, input your information at the window nearby, and begin adventuring on the world ,La · Emiel, that I’ve create!』

「Ooh~, This makes me excited~! Let’s finish making our character fast!」

「Hibari-chan should make first. wakuwaku, wakuwaku」

「I’ll do it last. Even at the best of times I only play games rarely, I’ll go and use you two as referrence…… Can you guys help me?」

「「Of Course」」

Hibari raised her voice excitedly. And then, Hitaki is somehow getting excited as well.

As usual she appears to be expressionless, but her feelings did appear in her mouth. Despite her age she is always so calm, I haven’t seen this side of her in a long time.

「Ah, there is a special job class for girls under 15 years old! Fufufu, this is it!」

「Hibari-chan has chosen the tank job. Tank is everyone’s shield. Endure the enemy’s attack. The most difficult. A job where it is important 」

「Hee, so you even consider those things? That’s pretty deep……」

I can’t keep up with the story that Hibari has been telling me due to her high tension, but I can understand it one way or another. For the time being, let’s keep in mind that tank is an immensely hard job.

After waiting for a while, Hibari’s character make seems to be over, she proudly puffed up her chest with pride, me and Hibari took a look at the window.

「It does not change that we are younger than 15 years old and it has been decided that we 3 will be in a fixed party. Yup, Do~ne!」

【Player Name】


【Main Job / Sub】

Apprentice Angel Level 1 / Fighter Level 1










【Skill 5/10】

Sword Mastery 1 / Shield Mastery 1 / Light Magic 1 / HP UP 1 / VIT UP 1 /

【Reserve Skill】


Stone Sword / Wood Shield / Adventurer’s Clothes (Top & Bot) / Adventurer’s Shoes / Apprentice Angel’s Wing

「Being a tank that can heal is actually my dream~. Being a fighter that will aim to use a knight’s shield, also being an angel can negate some of the magic’s weakness. Hm~, Perfect!」

Eh? Your big bro don’t understand every single thing you were saying you know……

She said she is going to explain everything, but I already can’t keep up from the start.

Speaking of that game I beat, it took five guys to beat a dragon… I think? Moreover, that probably didn’t even take thirty minutes.

Hearing their explanation, STR is power, VIT is endurance, DEX is dexterity, AGI is agility, INT is intelligence, WIS is magic power, LUK seems to mean luck. (T/N: HOW ELSE IM SUPPOSED TO TRANSLATE THIS ANYWAY!?)

Regardless of me who is confused, Hitaki who is supposed to be the next seems to be having fun, she started to touch the window in familiar manner. To Hitaki who murmurs small and small, Hibari and I smiled bitterly. (ポツリ、ポツリと小さくつぶやく鶲に、俺と雲雀は思わず苦笑した。)

「I emphasize lightness. Searching for the enemy, and stalked the enemy from their back to hunt them. Including job which matches Hibari-chan, inputting the limited jobs…… Perfect」(T/N: As in limited job option)

【Player Name】


【Main Job / Sub】

Apprentice Devil Level 1 / Thief Level 1










【Skill 5/10】

Dagger Mastery 1 / Presence Detection 1 / Sneak 1 / Dark Magic 1 / DEX UP 1

【Reserve Skill】


Stone Dagger / Adventurer’s Clothes (Top & Bot) / Adventurer’s Shoes / Apprentice Devil’s Wing


No, I’m not editing these

「Oh, The Presence Detection is important~. Hii-chan, I’ll be counting on you!」

「Leave it to me」

「Now then, it’s finally Tsugu-nii’s turn! Yup. Tsugu-nii, what kind of character do you want to try?」

「Craftsman, but the one that can fight. …… I’m bad at exercise afterall. So tamer?」

「Tamer is nice~. Tsugu-ni and a monster, you’ll definitely match!」

「Yes. Tsugu-ni will ensnare monster with his overflowing charm」

「……Ha? Eh? I don’t really get it, but it’s alright…… probably. Also, it’s not like I can’t exercise, it’s just not one of my strong points」

The two while watching my windows starts to humming and hawing.

It is very important to choose skills according to the job chosen, and those who do not chose now can only buy it or obtain it from quest. I didn’t quite get it, but they were investigating the game properly.

Again, I’m not someone who is not athletic. ( あと、繰り返すけど俺は運動音痴じゃない。) Although the my grade for Physical Education was barely passing, I should be considered as average.

I rely on the two to fill in the blanks on the window and look back at it. I still don’t understand afterall, for the time being I just approved it.

【Player Name】


【Main Job / Sub】

Alchemist Level 1 / Tamer Level 1










【Skill 5/10】

Alchemy 1 /  Compounding 1 / Synthesis 1 / Cooking 1 / Taming 1   (T/N: Skill names are subject to change)

【Reserve Skill】


Leather Whip / Alchemist’s Robe / Adventurer’s Clothes (Top & Bot) / Tamer Boots

【Tame 0/1】



「Le-leather whip……」

On the status screen, my eyes stopped in the equipment list. According to the explanation of the sisters, it seems that the weapon that can be used will be randomly available depending on the job chosen.

Alchemist with a heavy book, Tamer with a leather whip…… Speaking bluntly, no matter which weapon you received it’s not much different.

「Yep, Tsugu-ni can add stuff to equipment, makes potions, and cook delicious food」

「Ah, in this game, you need to fill your stomach and drink water to a certain degree~. Before the gauge ran out, it’s a rule that you have to eat or drink something. That’s why for cooking, Tsugu-ni, please take care of it!」

「Fu~n…… Ah, there is the button for finalizing the setting」 (「ふーん……あ、最後に設定があるぞ」)

I still don’t understand all of it, but since the two seems happy then so be it. After all, the winner is the one who enjoyed. I learned a bit from these two.

When you press the Make Complete button, the screen to change the setting is displayed at the end.

As recommended by my sisters, I put a check mark in the check boxes of 「PvP not applicable」, 「PK not applicable」, 「Cruel depiction reduction」.

Measures taken when involved with strange people, and consideration for me who did not have grotesque tolerance.

Finally, when you push the completion button, the voice of the gentle woman that was heard earlier resounded.

『When the leader is logged out, the rest will follow. Please use it as an emergency measure when you are separated from those under 15 years old. And once again, welcome to the world of  【REAL&MAKE】. We welcome you to this world!』

About 5 seconds after those word. My vision got dyed white and my consciousness was sinking again.

This time it was not uncomfortable. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m getting used to it or the mechanism was different from the one before.

◆ ◆ ◆

The surrounding area is covered by hustle and bustle and the sounds of people talking. When I slowly opened my eyes, I was standing in a square with a fountain covered with cobblestone.

If you looked closely, you will notice that each water droplet of the fountain is reproduced finely.

I’ve saw these scene in university materials before, it felt like I was attacked by an illusion like being in medieval Europe.

「……This is awesome」

In front of me an adventurer passed by with a weapon hung on the waist. (T/N: No Gender mention) A housewife who probably have came for shopping at the plaza where the peddlers’ stalls gathered. A child running around with a wooden stick. Buildings made of stone and bricks that looked just like the real thing.

A gust of wind suddenly blew my hair gently. And that wind carried along the fragrant smell of meat from one of the stall.

When I was dumb-struck admiring the surrounding, both of my arms suddenly felt heavy.

Surprised by feeling something so sudden and familiar, when I turn my gaze to it, it was Hibari and Hitaki.

「Tsugu-nii, this place looked beautiful isn’t it? It’s just like being advertised, this place is exactly another world!」

「Yeah…… No wonder everyone is eager to play this」

I looked at Hibari who had a smug look on her face, and nodded obediently

You can understand how the game company insist that it’s 「Another world」. It’s impossible to distinguish if they are another player like us or whether they are the game prepared NPCs.

「In R&M you can do as you like up to a certain degree. If I can be here with both of you then everything is fine」 (私は2人といられるならそれでいい」)

「Tsugu-nii, for now I’ll explain some simple things . Let’s take a seat at the bench there」

Hibari is equipped with a Stone Sword on the waist and Wood Shield on the left arm. A half-length sleeves which looked easy to move, a shorts and shoes, and then on her back grown a pair of pure white wing.

Hitaki wears a belt around her thigh, and is putting her stone dagger there. Clothes and shoes are the same as Hibari. And on the back there was a small wing imitating a black bat.

The wing seems to moved, and they are slightly flapping according to the movement of the two.

And as for me, my clothes are not that different from the twins, and on my waist in the back is the leather whip that’s usefulness is questionable. The other items are a white robe with big hood and a knitted boots.

If you cover yourself with the hood you become a completely suspicious person, so let’s not use it excessively.

「Eeeto, first is the geography explanation. Item replenishment, what to do today, and then……」

「System description also. Time difference between reality and here, and so on. Lots of things to cover」

「Hibari, Hitaki. I might be your guardian, but do you intent to restrict your playing? It’s alright to learn only this much, rather, it’s fine to just teach me on the important things. (これだけ覚えてれば大丈夫、って内容を教えてくれればいいよ」)

「Mu~u, I’m actually Hibari, Tsugu-nii.  Also, I don’t want to left Tsugu-nii out!」

「And I am Hitaki, fu fuu. I’ll explain it briefly for the sake of Tsugu-ni」

(T/N: both the game avatar and real life version of them have the same name, the difference lies when irl the girls name are written in kanji, while in the game with katakana)

Hibari groaned while holding her head, puffed her cheek and got angry. On the other hand, Hitaki finding this quite funny began to slightly laugh.

She seems to be angry on the nuance of calling her. Apparently when in the game they seems that they want to become two different people. I do not really understand them.

After getting the explanation from Hitaki, who’s better at explaining than Hibari, and the info has been packed into my head. After that I started to rearranged the information in my head in my own way……


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