Book 1 Chapter 2

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Part 2
TL: TheDefend

The vast world La · Emiel. Right now we are at the city called Ars which known as 「Town of Beginning」 and the player who became Adventurer seems to be starting from this point without exception. (T/N: アース Aasu, Earth, etc)
As for why it was named that, there are some adult circumstance from the management side…… or so it was said.
As an adventurer you can beat monster to gain fame, start business and amass wealth, or you can go farming while being a blacksmith as well. In extreme case, you can become even a king or the demon lord.
Due to the high degree of freedom, it seems to be a game that you can not recommend for those who can not do without a purpose.
In consideration to the minors from the system’s aspect, drinking alcohol in the game is for those 20 years old and it’s completely no-smoking. ( システム面では未成年への配慮が施され、ゲーム内での飲酒は20歳以上、そして全面禁煙。)
Speaking of how to distinguish age using high speed computation and electroencephalogram measurement, the AI will be the fortress and it will do it’s best …… Hang in there AI.
Harassment towards someone below 18 years old age gain you one way ticket to the exit, in other words account deletion. It seems that player only issued 1 account per person, so it’s impossible to play it ever again.
There was a controversy whether you need to fear the people below 18 years old, but there seems to be an AI who will monitor and make a fair decision.
Ai, once again please work hard. Do your very best. But in the end, it is the administration that will make the final decision, try hard to manage.
One day in the game world is 30 minutes in the real world, possible continuous login time is 7 hours. (T/N: Maximum of 14 days in-game)
In consideration for the health, you need to stay away for as long as the duration you logged in before you can login again, Even though you are fine in the game, you do not care if you gets sick in reality.
I do not know for what reason, but the food in general in R & M does not seems to be very tasty.
Be satisfied with the food inside the game, don’t disregard reality, or rather, is this some kind of warning? ( ゲームの食事で満足して、現実を疎かにするな、っていう警告かな?)
Although the talk diverts, the hospital seems to introduce this game for people who are physically handicapped due to illness and so on. Even if your feet do not actually move, you can walk in the game by reading the brain’s electrical signals. The development of technology sure is amazing.
And for the PvP aspect, by putting check on the matter since the beginning we opt out of that aspect.
Also because PK is impossible, even if we receives an attack a single point of damage will not be registered. The kid player seems easy to be aimed, so it was nice to keep it, I’m glad I did that.
The cruel description was also suppressed. Even if you attack a monster blood does not come out, and when you defeat it will disappear as light particle effect.
Also, the form of monsters becomes a little pretty …… This is the same for players as well. (あと、魔物の姿かたちがちょっと可愛らしくなるとか……これはプレイヤーも同様だ。)
And lastly, when you open the status screen the button at the bottom right stationed was 【R & M Strategy BBS】 【Inquiry to Administration】 【Logout】.
It seems the BBS are usable from inside the game.
The two said the BBS was messy, let’s take a look of it myself when I’m free. ( めちゃくちゃお世話になると2人が言っていたので、暇な時にでも目を通しておこう。)

「……Fuu. This is as much what I can tell for now」
「Thanks Hitaki. I’ll ask when I have question later」
「Then the talk is over now! Let’s go to a tool shop and buy the items, then let’s get out of the city immediately!」

After the long explanation finished, Hitaki breathed a little tired.
As I caressed their head to console them, Hibari jumped up energetically. She seems to have been bored by the long talk.
Me and Hitaki also raise our waist since Hibari has been hurrying us and we started to speak while walking.

「Friend registration completed. PT is fixed. Each of us has 1500M in possession. While Tsugu-ni has 6000M」
「Hm? There are more for me? The adult is the one who take care of the money, is this for real?」 (「ん? 俺の方が断然多いな? 成人済みの人間が財布の紐を握れ、ってことか?」)
「Seems so~. I think I’ll be wasting it if I’m the one who holding it, I’ll leave it to you to take care of it Tsugu-nii」

Surprisingly, the currency in the game is using M which has a kinda cute nickname (MYU), I have to remember it.
While looking at the status screen and confirming various things, Hitaki sent a sidelong glance and check out the surrounding.
There are a lot of people on the main street leading from the fountain square, and the numbers of stalls is tremendous. It might be a lively place, but for a beginner this is too overwhelming.
…… I feel that somehow the adventurers nearby are staring at us, but my sisters does not care about it.
After walking for about 5 minutes Hibari found a tool shop and went inside.
The door was fitted with a small welcome bell and made a lovely sound.

「Waaaa~, It’s a fantasy shop!」
「The portable food and water canteen is indispensable to recover the hunger and thirst. Potion, abnormal status recovery potion, also things to increase Tsugu-ni’s alchemy, compounding, and cooking set are needed」
「Medicinal plants, antidote grasses…… These are surprisingly good prices, I have to examine them carefully」
「Ah, because I have Light Magic Medi (Light Recovery), then we might not need as many potion?」

The wooden tool shop are around the size of a convenience store. There were miscellaneous items on the shelf of the wall, and Hibari’s eyes started to shined looking at it.
Of course it is good to spend money on a tool, but gets absolutely nothing out of it when I go bankrupt. ( もちろん道具にお金を掛けるのはいいが、破産しては元も子もない。) Even I understand that much.

【Low grade potion】 × 3
A concocted medicinal plant stored inside a glass bottle. Recover 30% HP. Price 250M.

【Antidote grass】 x 3.
Grass that is used to cure poison from monster. It’s bitter. Price 80M

【Portable food】 × 6
Extremely nutritious. Recover hunger. It has no taste. Price 50M

【Water bottle (small)】 × 3
Capacity 300ml. Recover thirst. Price 300M

【Beginner Alchemy Set】 × 1
An economical beginner alchemy set with an iron pot, rack, and stirring rod. Price 500M

【Beginner compounding set】 × 1
An economical beginner compounding set with mortar, medicine bag, medicine packaging paper, and scale. Price 500M

【Beginner Cooking Set】 × 1
Beginner cooking set with kitchen knife, chopping board, and frying pan. Price 500M

The total cost for these are 3690M It costs money for initial investment so it can’t be helped.
I asked the gentle-looking grandma who are watching the shop while sunbathing and filled the bottle with water.
We left the tool shop and divided equally the potions among 3 people and headed towards the city gate. At that time, I learned how to view the item column. I think I can somehow manage it.
In this world where there are no heavy machinery, whilst we approaching the splendid city wall that would have to took years to build, the clamor is increasing more and more.

「Fire mage here! Picking up PT!」 (「火魔職です! PT拾ってくだしあ~」)
「Selling Iron equipment! Price nego-able」
「Do you want to join our guild 【Rolled simmered pumpkin】? We are welcoming newbies!」 (T/N: Wth? is this chinese mmo?)

Various adventurer players are shouting to the adventurers that are heading outside the town. I who doesn’t understand well have no choice but to follow behind my younger sisters.

「First I’d like to increase the level of us three~. I don’t want us to feel bad by forcibly increasing the number of PT member」
「If someone did approach then it must be someone who aim for those below 15. Lolicon, absolutely, reject」
「I’m pretty much don’t know what to do and it’s good if both of you are having fun」
「Ehehe. Then let’s do this relaxedly! Search for the weak enemy and collect the material~」
「It’s not about being the best or the money, as long as it’s fun it’s OK. Let’s do this relaxedly」

There was a vast grassland outside the town, and over in the distance was a forest with abundance of trees.
Passing through the large iron gate, we advance forward.
The gate that is made of iron is completely raised, it seems that it will not close even at night. (T/N: It is safe to assume that that the gate is the one that you raise or drop not the side hinges type) In this neighborhood only weak monsters will came out.
The nearest hunting field seems to be filled with other adventurers, to avoid that we went to the nearby forest.
Because you can gather the material for the potion that was just bought, the 2 said it’s like killing two birds with one stone. Hee, so that’s how it is.

「Oh, the rabbits are jumping. It’s quite cute」 (T/N: Go check the manga raw, I dare you)
「Those are Hop Rabbit. It’s a herbivore monster, so if we didn’t attack it first it won’t turn hostile. When defeated it will drop Rabbit Meat and Rabbit Fur!」

As I saw a white object jumping at the edge of my vision, when I turned my face to it, I saw many rabbits about 20 cm in length, eating grass and resting.
Are their foot more developed than real rabbit? Aside from that there was no particular differences.

「First battle……? Skill 【Sneak】. Here I go」
「……I’ll observe for now. I’ve never used a whip afterall」
「Haha, that’s right isn’t it? I’ll be surprised if you can suddenly used it. Watch over our brave appearance, Tsugu-nii!」

At the same time Hibari pulling out the stone sword that she put on the waist, Hitaki activates her skill and creeps up from the blind spot of the hop rabbit.
It’ll be bad if I get in their way, that’s why I moved to a slightly farther place. Then let’s search the bush for some stuff that can be harvested……

★Hibari’s POV★

The hop rabbits are eating grass in front of us. I am currently standing on the distance that’s just barely won’t make the target run away and waiting for Hii-chan to go around with her 【Sneak】 skill.
Once a herbivorous monster were attacked, it will fight without running away, so if you do not do well …
In between it are us two, Me and Hii-chan then made eye contact. It seems the preparation are completed, then I nod slowly.
The Hop rabbit who had fluffy coat and cute appearance has no sin, but even so I want to be strong. I strengthen the grasp on my right hand which is holding the sword.
Hii-chan, who saw me nod, struck the stone dagger on the hop rabbit. Even thought the weapon is weak, due to it being a surprise attack it shave off the HP bar quite a lot.
Hii-chan’s skill 【Surprise attack】, when attacking from a blind spot will increase the damage into 1.5x as a bonus. (T/N: No, Hitaki don’t have that skill on her, so I will assume that it’s some kind of the system’s surprise attack or some kind of Thief’s innate skill)


Prepare for bunny violence

「っ、【Surprise Attack】 Success」(T/N: っ is some kind of being surprised herself i guess?)
「I’m going to keep at it!」

All the other hop rabbits immediately flee with the exception of the one that were attacked.
While being careful as to not be distracted by it, the hop rabbit who turned itself towards Hii-chan and shown it’s back, I struck at it with a full power.
A sound like being hit with a blunt weapon resound, and the hop rabbit reveals its hostility to me.
Since the weapon are still weak, it seems that it need to be hit several times before it can be defeated. I want iron weapon, but right now it’s an objective that is currently unreachable.
The damage I gave was better than Hii-chan’s, so the Hate definitely moved to me. Hii-chan shouts to me while I block the hop-rabbit’s block with the wooden shield. (T/N: Hate = Aggro)

「I’ll tank it, Hiichan, come here!」 (「盾になるから、ひぃちゃん、こっち来て!」)

While looking at Hii-chan who was coming behind me at my side, I took a glance at my HP. ( ひぃちゃんが私の斜め後ろに来るのを横目で見ながら、自分のHPを確認。)
Ah, even though I defended from it 6 damage still went through! It’s true that I’m being pushed for the first time, but I’m still reluctant. ( あ、防御したのに6も減ってる! 確かに初めてで押され気味だけど、ちょっと不本意な気がしてならない。)

「Mu~…… It doesn’t matter since my HP is still higher than Tsugu-nii. I don’t mind……」
「Don’t look away. The hop rabbit still have 1/3 of its HP remain. End it with combo」
「Yep, Haa!」

Slightly pouting, Hii-chan became angry. But one thing is for certain that compared to Tsugu-nii my hp is still higher. Ah, when I thought of that, that did make me feel better.
Pump up the fighting spirit, tank the hop rabbit’s body charge, hit it with the sword. And following my attack, Hii-chan also strike with her dagger.
Then the movement of hop rabbit stops, it disappears into sparkling grains of light.
Meanwhile, a few seconds later. Apparently from that attack just now, I shaved off the remaining of the hop rabbit’s HP.

「F-First victory!?」
「Yatta. Congratulation Hibari-chan」
「Because there was surprised attack from Hii-chan~」
「Yeah, two people’s victory」

We postponed the status and item verification, we were more delighted with the first victory.
I was so happy that I hold Hii-chan’s arm and jump around repeatedly. It might be childish, but for me it’s the best one. Even Hii-chan is happy, she is smiling.
For a while after rejoicing, I suddenly become aware. Where is Tsugu-nii? I was expecting he would say something once we won.
I thought that while looking at the surrounding restlessly. The heck, you are not here?

「Hii-chan, Tsugu-nii has disappearred!」
「……Tsugu-ni, lost child?」
「Fuhaa, That was kinda rare that it wasn’t me that lost~…… or not!」
「Hibari-chan is masochist」

Wh-wh-what should we do, what should we do! You can’t laugh even if you were to show off this kind of joke material.
Tsugu-nii hasn’t tamed any monster yet so he should not be able to attack, what should we do if he returned because getting killed!?
It would be bad if he stopped coming to R&M because he had a bad experience right off the bat, and besides, us siblings were playing together after a long time; it would be sad if we were separated again as well.

「It’s alright. You can check the status from the PT screen」
「Ah, t-that’s right. Then we can find Tsugu-nii immediately!」
「Tsugu-ni’s position is……」

Hicchan opened the status and confirmed the position of Tsugu-nii. When you are in trouble, Hii-chan is very reliable.
Hii-chan slowly point at a location and I turn my face towards the location being pointed at, a bush where the grass grew as tall as a person’s waist.
……Eh, What the heck are you doing?

◆ ◆ ◆

While the figure of my younger sisters who challenge a hop rabbit to a fight is carefully being reflected at the edge of my view, I look into the bush.
I saw them a little bit, those 2 really unmatched in the love for game, they got used to it so quickly.
From the story I heard, the medicinal plants seems to grow in these kind of places.

「……Oh, Bingo」

As I strained my eyes searching around, I found the grass that had the same shape as the one being sold on the shop before. Next to it are grass that resemble the antidote grass.
There are plenty of grass growing in the vicinity, so you need to be careful when plucking them.
Hibari, Hitaki, your onii-chan can finally be useful. While thinking about such a thing, I squat down and pull out the grass with a snap.
Immediately after pulling out the grass, it gave a good smell and it increase my mood. I might be able to do this without getting tired.

【Medicinal plants】
When you apply the medicinal plants to a small wounds, it will immediately heal. Recover 10% HP

【Antidote grass】
Grass that is used to cure poison from monster. It’s bitter. When boiled the bitterness will disappear and will tasted good.

Why did you pull this out? Cannot be used for anything and pretty much a trash.

Have excellent compatibility with meat. Can be used to remove bad smell, extremely popular.

Ooh, he moment I pulled it a window appeared and tell me what kind of grass it is. This is convenient.
Since the weed is just a trash it can simply be discarded, the rest can be stored in…… Erm, Item box? Inventory?   The weeds will just grow back anyway so it’s all good.
Now that I think about it, how much do I need to collect?  No, rather than thinking about it, it seems better to collect a whole lot of it. No matter how many recovery items you have, they won’t become a nuisance.
Just like my old man in holiday, I will pluck the grasses without thinking about it!

「Hm? W-what the……?」

Me who just single-mindedly collecting the grass and forgotten about the twins who are fighting. When I have gathered around 30 pieces of item, all of a sudden a falling sound can be heard close to me.
Judging from the sound it wasn’t something big, It was a bit startling that I slightly jumped. It was surprising hence it was unavoidable. Something is struggling in the bushes.

「Shu, shu~」
「Ah-…… A spider?」

Pushing through the bushes, there was an over-turned spider. Apparently it was unable to bring its body back up. The length of the spider is 30 cm and it outward appearance looked like a deformed jumping spider.
It was kinda pitiful so I decided to give it a hand. It might be an enemy monster, but it did not attack when helped
By the way, the feeling of touching it felt like soft plush toy.


Isn’t he just adorable? 😀

「There, you are back to normal」
「Hm? Don;t you need to go home?」
「Shuu, shu~?」

Seems like it had no plan to leave. It inclined its head and the round eyes turned to stare at me.
Well, it’s cute afterall so it’s okay. It’s not attacking afterall, it might go away anytime now, I act like the spider didn’t exist and continue to gather the grass.
Then the spider climb into my back and crawl inside the robe’s hood. Since the hood was made large, there are still room to spare even when the spider enter inside.

「The heck are you doing…… weird guy」

It didn’t do any harm so I don’t mind, I paid it no heed. ( 害がなければ構わない、の精神で放っておいた。) I’m a human being, there is no way that I can communicate with this spider I just met.
And immediately after I resumed the weeding, I was disturbed again. It was the voice of my little sister that I have been forgotten.

「There is Tsugu-nii!」
「Geez. Shout out if you going to went to some place we can’t see」
「That’s right. I told you to watch over our fight, we can’t calm down because you weren’t there」
「Tsugu-ni, repent」

Apparently when I went into the bush I made them worried.
Hibari were scolding me angrily while Hitaki is calm but she is oozing out with anger Even if this is a game, I still need to reflect on it. And I obediently apologize for it.

「Good. Then be more careful next time」
「It’s fine now. Rather than that Tsugu-nii, what exactly were you doing in the bush ……?

Since I apologized everything is a-OK to the two of them, with this all of future trouble are over.
I opened up the window with slight difficulties since I’m not accustomed to it and press the Item list to show them my harvest result.
My grass plucking result; 【Medicinal plant】 31 pieces. 【Antidote grass】 27 pieces. 【Herb】 38 pieces
Looking at the expression of the two , Hibari gave a surprise voice and Hitaki gives me an applause.
Incidentally, there are various kinds of real world herbs, but in here they are all considered to be just herbs. It’s surprisingly cured.

「Awesom~e! With this you can increase your compounding skill leve!」
「Tsugu-nii’s achievement. I’ll give you a rub」
「Haha, thank guys. I have to somehow contribute don’t I? You two have finished with fighting?」
「No, we want to keep going until evening, I want to increase my job’s skill level!」
「I want to use magic. Dark magic skill, Dark Ball, an attack magic」
「Can we keep going?」
「Tsugu-ni, Is it okay?」

Being praised is nice, , although it’s a bit embarrassing when you are this old.
I made the twins who cling onto my arms calm down and check the game and real life clock.
Real time and in-game time are displayed at the edge of the window. It’s quite the convenient feature.
It’s just before noon in real world. Since I still need to prepare dinner, 1 day is equivalent to 30 minutes…… So it’s still possible to stay for a week.
Also today is Saturday, and as a big brother I want to see the happy face of the two of them. If today were weekdays I won’t allow it.

「Okay, we can stay for a week. We’ll log out at 3.30 PM real world time. No objection allowed」
「That’s more than enough time Tsugu-nii! Yatta, thank you!」
「Fufu, we can fight a lot」

As soon as I said that, the two with beaming face pull me out of the bushes back into the meadow.
You guys understand right the fact that I can’t fight and will just observing? W-well, since they both looked like they are enjoying this then I guess it’s fine. Looking at the two who were enjoying themselves, I unconsciously smile.
As an extra, I was taught the way to setup the alarm function. With this you didn’t need to worry about time and can just enjoy the game.

◆ ◆ ◆


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