Book 1 Chapter 3

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TL: TheDefend

I’ve inserted the bookmark. (T/N: しおりを挟む Might be referring to the alarm clock mentioned in prev chapter, which can be meant ‘i’ve set the alarm’)
When looking up into the reddening sky, which slowly getting darker, the twins that has just finished their fight with the Hop rabbit returned.
Did they perhaps went to fought slime? Slime is this translucent oval mass which jiggling helplessly when they moved.
Well, of course I didn’t fight, I was repeatedly plucking off grass in the bush.

「What happened?」
「Mu~, I want to fight more but my shield broke」
「HP & MP are low. So it’s just right」

Currently Hibari didn;t have her wood shield equipped on her hand, when she show me the item column, Wood Shield (Damaged) are shown. There is no other choice than to repair it at the blacksmith or buy another one.
But since currently we have no money, the only choice left is to repair it.

「Then, do you want to return to the city?」
「That’s right! We had a lot of items collected, need to sell the unneeded ones, also purchase various things」
「Once we reached the city it will be Tsugu-ni’s turn. Compounding, synthesize, please do your best」
「I’ll try my best」

Hitaki activated her 【Presence Detection】 to avoided the monsters and we headed towards the city, Ars. In the first place there aren’t that many hostile monsters around here, probably just as a precaution and to increase the skill’s level itself.
Increasing the level of skills will increase the range of detection and made it more precise.
In the middle of the way back, I noticed that the hunger and thirst level are decreasing. Compared to me the sisters had it decreased more. It’s seems that was because they were fighting and moving a lot.
I decided to show off my cooking when I went back to the city, for now I just refilled the thirst level with water from the canteen.

「It will be too late after the hunger and thirst level empty」
「No matter how much we eat inside the game, we won’t get fat…… I’ll eat without holding back at all~!」
「Food is for the last. I’ll do what I can do first」 (「まだ、料理は最後。今日のうちにできることをする」)

Hibari shouts cheerfully, but she was scolded by Hitaki. It was her dream to eat until her belly is full without worrying about getting fat…… definitely.
Hibari became started after called by Hitaki, she started become troubled as she begin to count something with her finger. ( ヒタキに言われてハッとしたヒバリは、何やら指折り数えて悩み出した。)

「Hm…… fixing the wood shield, selling the items, and buying necessities right?」
「Yep, that’s right」
「Tsugu-nii can do alchemy and compounding, but there is still the danger of it being failed~. We also don’t have enough money right now and after we repaired the shield at the blacksmith I have no choice but to re-use them again」
「Tsugu-ni’s job is to compound the potion and cook delicious food. Work hard on it」

While talking about those things, we safely reached the city without encountering any monsters.
The night city is being illuminated by kindling, it is noisy and lively. ( 夜の街は明かりが焚かれ、騒がしく活気付いている。) A classic fire on a steel basket and luminous stones were lined up, it was a fantastic atmosphere. I’m used to artificial light, so I felt that it was a bit dark.
Repairing shield at the blacksmith, selling the junks at tool store, stuff to buys…… And when I was considering the things I needed to do, a cute PIKON sound resounded.
Surprised by the sudden sound, a window suddenly opened in front of me.

【Item transfer】
『Transfer from player Hibari 【Rabbit fur】 21 pieces, 【Rabbit meat】 47 pieces, 【Rabbit tail】 6 pieces, 【Slime nucleus】 33 pieces, 【Slime starch】 28 pieces to player Tsugumi』

「Hm? What are these?」

「As for me, I’ll be going to repair my shield so sell them for me~. I think it’ll take some while before I returned」
「Hibari-chan, on the building that is loaned for craftsman, meet at the entrance」
「OK! Then I’ll go away for a bit!」

Before I even got the chance to stop her, Hibari had an exchange with Hitaki and immediately left.
The repair at the blacksmith operated by NPC seems to be about 10 minutes at the fastest. It seems everything is being made equal. (何でも公平性を期すためとか。) Hm~…… I don’t really get it.
To finish our share of work, we head toward the tool shop while Hitaki held my hand.
Having my sister held my hand at this age is extremely embarassing, but since we didn’t ended up lost it can’t be helped. The surroundings’ eyes were warm so I’m still alright. (T/N: Lolicon is crime.)
Once we arrived in front of the store, Hitaki went and transfer the items to me.

「First is the tool shop. Sell the rabbit tail and the slime nucleus」

【Rabbit tail】 x13
A small tail at the butt of the rabbit. Because of its small size, there are not many uses for it. Price 15M

【Slime nucleus】 x62
A nucleus of slime without damages. Used to increased the quantity of pet food. Price 50M.

Total price is 3295M. I decided to divide the money later after leaving the shop. The next one seems to be the armor shop.

「We should sell the fur here. Since they can also be made into cold-proof leather armor」
「Can’t you just sell them at one of the stall? If I remember correctly, weren’t some of the stalls also selling meat?」
「Street stalls are run by players. Might get tangled with someone who undermine price. If needed will interact with one, but hate it since it’s annoying. Rabbit meat is delicious. Slime starch are something in-between wheat flour and potato starch, ingredients material for Tsugu-ni」
「I see. For me it’s better to have someone who is quiet than the noisy ones」
「However, there is still the need to do thorough preparation」
「Fufu, leave it to me」

It seems even before dad bought this game, these two seems to has been going to game guides sites everyday to gather information. Did you guys really went that far? (そんなにやりたかったのか。)
If I didn’t agree to this, they might just enter the ofuro. (T/N: Refer to c1) I lightly shuddered.
There is an armor shop 2 building away from the tool shop, the owner is a smiling middle aged man, I had him bought the rabbit fur.
By the way, one of the shop that we passed by is called skill shop, right now I didn’t really need it but it seem I’ll be under its care in the future. Since the necessary facilities are clumped together, it’s nice that you don’t have to walk much.

【Rabbit fur】 x39
Hop rabbit’s fur. It is full of use for various versatile purposes. Price 120M.

Total price is 4680M. Can’t you buy a new weapon with this much money? and when I proposed that to Hitaki, she said that a weapon that is one rank higher like iron dagger required at least 10000M. That will make the wallet completely empty.
When we left the armor shop, Hitaki went to one of the stalls manned by NPC.

「This place seems to be a greengrocery. Can only be used by those that have cooking skill, probably……? It’s not efficient if you just use them as it is」
「Hee, that’s pretty inconvenience. Eh whatever, excuse me!」
『Yes, welcome. All of my products taste good, so please buy a lot of them! Since onii-san is quite the handsome one, I’ll give you a discount』

The shopkeeper is a plump and onee-san. She gave a likeable smile. When she finished talking, the window opened automatically and I could buy the goods.
Although it feels quite unnatural, is there a restriction that made the NPC does not care about the details? is it the settings? even if I think that, there is no real problem. I do not quite understand.
Now then, what should I buy…… I’m interested on the large quantities of items that being displayed to the point that you can’t put everything on the display at the stall, but still need to decide quickly.
Oh, this bargain set is good. I scroll through the touch-panel type window and decided on it.

【Bargain meat set】
A bargain sale set that randomly contain herbivore monster meat from beef, chicken, pork, horse, rabbit at fixed amount. (T/N:  牛、鳥、豚、馬、兎、草食魔物の肉がランダムで一定量入ったお買い得品。 Not sure if contain all of them or just one of them, subject to change) Price 500M.

【Bargain vegetable set】
A bargain sale set of random vegetable with a fixed amount inside it. Price 500M

【Clucker’s egg】 x5 (T/N:【コッコの卵】×5 Kokko no tamago, unknown if kokko is the name of monster or what)
A freshly laid clucker’s egg Price 30M

【Profitable seasoning set】(【お得調味料セット】)
A set containing 110 gram each of salt, sugar, and pepper. Slightly profitable. Price 300M.

【Glass grit】
Transparent glittering sand. Limited sale of 100 gram. (100グラムのみ限定販売。) Price 100M

Total price 1550M Even when you bought so much it’s convenient since it all just went into the inventory. I really want inventory in reality.
Apparently the glass grit was mixed when the owner was restocking the seasoning, it seems the owner was also troubled since he can’t just throw it away.
Hitaki said 「It might be useful to level the alchemy skill」 and so we went and purchased it.
I don’t know if I can make anything out of it, but I’ll be glad if it turned out well.
Since I’m pretty good with my hands I should be able to made something. On the other hand, if it’s about my reflexes…… wait, nevermind that.

「Next to be purchased is…… none? Then where should we go next?」
「Yes, next is to go to the meeting spot with Hibari-chan. To the workshop opened for the craftsman. And it will be Tsugu-ni’s turn」
「The place where you can compound and cooking…… Then I have to go there immediately」
「Yes. Hibari-chan waiting in vain, its slightly pitiful, fufu」

I imagined the form of Hibari who are waiting for the two of us and it made me chuckles. She definitely would looked around restlessly and had a lonely expression.
That was indeed preparation phase, and I arrived at my destination without any hesitation.
The outside is a two-story building made of brick. The inside seemed to be the same home economics room of elementary school, the wall was made from brick and the floor was boarded. Half of the space are already filled and each of them are currently crafting.

「……Hibari-chan, not here」

Hibari isn’t at the entrance of the waiting place and Hitaki is a little dejected with her shoulder slightly slumped.
Speaking of which of things that I recently heard, it seems if one of the twins are currently not together, it was impossible for them to calm down.

「Let’s wait for a bit more, if Hibari didn’t arrive soon we’ll go and look for her. It’ll be troubling if we missed each other」
「Yeah…… Ah, PT chat. I’ll go ask her about it now」

It was such a trifling emotions that I wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t a family, that made me worried. And Hitaki also nodded slighlty to it, I also opened the window panel as I remembered something.
Chat is…… If it were the same as the real world, I should be able to do the same once they told me how.
Hmhm, Hitaki nodded and closes the status.

「Hibari got her matter prolonged. She want us to go ahead. Let’s go inside Tsugu-ni」
「So it was extended. Then it can’t be helped……」
「Yeah. Ah, over there had few people. Then it’s decided to be there」

Is the shield repair get dragged on for so long? Well, it can’t be helped if it stayed on my mind, let’s just move to the workbench Hitaki decided at. The staircase to the second floor seems to function as some kind of screen, doesn’t seem like you need to be worried about people’s gaze.
First of all I need to make something from the glass grit that was just bought, it seems it can be made into something. No, I’m the one who is going to make it.
After that I took out the beginner alchemy set that I bought at noon and arranged it on the workbench.

「So I’ve put them out, but what am I supposed to do now?」
「Hm, alchemist is good at changing one substance. It seems Tsugu-ni need to make small bottle first. To put the compounded medicine inside」
「A small bottle huh…… Then should I put in the glass grit?」
「Yeah, put half of it. Afterwards, say the skill 【Alchemy】, while stirring it powerfully」
「Roger. Put it in…… skill 【Alchemy】. Then, mix it」

According to Hitaki’s guidance, put half the glass grit that was bought into the iron pot and invoke the skill to mix it. As for the skill, it seems it will work if you just say it. It seems to be the logic of a game.
After a while the iron pot glow faintly and the sensation of the mixing changed.
And then after a minute passed. A small bottle appeared above the workbench with a cute PON sound.

【Small glass bottle】 x8
An empty bottle made of glass. Be careful since it’s fragile.

「Oh, it succeed」
「Congrats, Tsugu-ni. Then turn it all into small bottle」
「Understood. It’s pretty lucky that I don’t have to buy potion container」
「Yeah, It’s pretty lucky」

Although it was just being mixed roughly, a solid small bottles was made. I was pretty moved by it.
While receiving Hitaki’s clapping, put the remaining glass grit into the iron pot to turn them all into small bottles. This time I didn’t do it sloppily, it was mixed properly.
Only when you went through the pain that something good will be made? I don’t exactly know if it’s true. ( 手を掛けてやれば掛けた分だけ、いい物が出来るらしいぞ? 本当か知らないけど。)



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T/N: Thread 3 & 4  the things inside the brackets are jp monster hunter refference when starting and cooking the meat


【Little angel】 & 【Little devil】 watching society part1



1: Nameless_Lolicon

I tried putting it up. This is the place to watch over the little angel and little devil that were just at the starting town just a moment ago. Please keep in mind to YES LOLITA! NO TOUCH!. I’ll abuse the criminal PEDO who does such thing directly. You may bow before me if you wish.




>>1 thxlololol One harassment and you’re ‘out’. Even if others forgive……! You are ‘out’ after one harassment (*serious*)




>>1 thxbro~ But is it alright to tell this to the public? since there are only about 3 loli girls so far. And it became exposed immediately.




Apprentice angel and apprentice devil is a  limited job for girls under 15 years old. In-other-words, a real below 15 years old JC~! Time for my right hand to do its work! (T/N: JC = Josei Chugakusei/middle schooler/loli or shota)




A lively angel-chan and meek devil-chan, so cute. A sight for the sore eyes. I don’t mind if it’s just looking. Trying to lay your hands on them is just plain stupid. Or rather, don’t defile them ya bastard.

>>3  I think it’s probably fine since the name didn’t come out.




oh…… In the morning, I’ll headed over to the next town……orz  getting back is so annoying, I hope they are still there when I get back. (T/N: the ‘oh’ is the same as ‘orz’

>>3 Giving full description or name is NG.  Also, making excessive racket or getting in contact is NG as well. Then perhaps this thread won’t get deleted?  (ならスレ消されないかも?)(T/N: NG = No Good)






Ye guys be careful as well. Since getting ban because meddling with minor is too much of a bad luck lol




Under 15 years old cannot log in unless accompanied by someone of age over 20 years old, such bad luck. (不遇すぐる)




Well, various things might’ve changed in the Beta because of the ducks. When that person was found out he was immediately PKed. Me was watching close by. What a poor thing. That might have been on the level of trauma >>8 (T/N: THIS WHOLE PARAGRAPH CAN GO TO HELL ま、β版で色々とカモにされてたからな。見掛けたらすぐPKされてたし。おいら間近で見てた。あれはカワイソス。トラウマになってもいいレベル>>8)




I’ve never seen a player below 15 years old…… It feels like overemphasize lolol




>>1 Thank you for this. Please tread on by all means.

>>8 They got some preferential treatment in return. Also limited job as well. The settings to disable PVP and PK are limited to under 15 years of age if I’m not mistaken. It is also certain that the exact figures of such players are low. H~mm, what a pain.




The thread Exposing the name of the player below 15  got closed immediately lololol.




The topic is derailing~




What the heck is with that? Because the one leading the apprentice angel-chan and apprentice devil-chan is an ikemen so the talk is going to about condemning him? Yosh, leave it to me!




>>13 Sorrie (´_ゝ`)    (T/N: This is supposedly a face)




>>14 Stahp lololol





Since he seems to be wearing the alchemist robe, he mighta be a craftsman. Who knows what his sub-job are. The alchemist job is totally a pain…… Ah, but once it has grown up it’ll became very popular. Kinda makes you feel like rooting for him. Since there are not that many craftsman don’t bully him too much. This game has too many troublesome points.




Is he the twin’s big brother? Seems too young to be a father. But still, IKEMEN SHOULD EXPLODE!




It’s because the angel-chan and devil-chan is a solid combat class. The big brother is gentle






Let’s make mochi! Flatten, flatten. ( もちつけ! ぺったんこぺったんこ。)(T/N: The joke here is that pettanko is delicious flat chest, and making mochi require you to pound it so it’ll be flat)




For me, I’m quite liking the big brother. He has quite the girly face, I want to hold that slender waist.

The next time I see I’ll definitely send them a friend invitation~♪




>>17 Agreed. An alchemist is a promising crafting job if it is raised well. If you grow up to be able to make ingot……

>>21 Err (えっ)




>>21 Err




>> Ah-!




Oi you, isn’t it impossible for the leader to allow you to register a JC as friend? You cannot even login without a leader. Understand?




>>25 Eee




>>25 I see >>21 wants to take the onii-san out and to seek encounter with the JC in the kitchen. I understand you. (T/N: An encounter kitchen is a derogatory name for those who participate in the off-campaign for the purpose of finding targets of love affair or sexual activity)




>>21 Reported lolol




wa-lolol a min-lolololol

The oniisan is seriously my type!   Also, I’m(俺) a woman! (T/N: 俺 = Ore, masculine way to refer to self)




>>29 俺 (T/N: This guy pointing out the guy above that she refer herself the masculine way, hence people thought it was a man. Thanks kookie for this)




>>29 Whoa, a woman!




>>29<●><●>カッ     (T/N: It’s eyes and カッ — Ka is the sfx of the “eyes opening wide” )




You’re going off topic again yo




>>33 Sowwie (T/N:-> <-)




>> Sorry mom




>>35 I don’t need a lolicon son like you!




So this thread will be warmly watching on the lively apprentice angel-chan, meek apprentice devil chan, and the girly-faced crafter onii-san. oK?




>>37 K. Don’t clamor or get in contact with them, just keep watching them grow. Our slogan is once harassment auto out.




>>37>>38 seems so. Thinking that they might never come back make me feel like crying.




It’s a bit late >>1 Thx

>>37 Full-power oK! What’s wrong with being a lolicon! Lolicon are japanese cultures! (T/N: …)




If the onii-san crafting skill raised, we can ask for commission to meet the twins……!




>>37 oK

>>41 Yesyes. Since everything has come to an okke then it’s fine.




I’m who are on the starting city are the winning group!




Please give me the the angel-chan, devil-chan, and the onii-san!




The lol homos lol has lol increased lol and they become friend lolololol



>>44 putting 「want to do」 the twins aside, perhaps, there is a lot of woman here? You want to pamper the beautiful siblings? (>>44双子「やらぬ」でも、もしかしたら、おなごも多いのか? 美形兄妹たからホイホイされてる?)



As for the older brother, it seems this is his first VRMMO since he was taking lessons from the twins at one of the plaza’s bench. So heartwarming (ほっこリ)



>>47 How is that healing



The twins are so cyuteee I can’t stop staring them……



The big bro is too popular lolololol. guys, talk more about the JC lolol



>>50 it was decide on >>37 so it’s all good.



Then it would be good if the next thread are written by >>37. Also >>6 as well



Don’t go and start so many thread >>52



>>53 They came along not even half a day ago in-game time. The twins and the onii-san are probably still ‘stayed at the inn’/’online’ or…… (>>53現にゲーム時間で半日もしないうちにこれたし。双子ちゃんとお兄さんがインし続けるならあるいは……)(T/N: Unclear if the イン are meant inn/online so choose one of the two)



The lolicons thread are more crowded that the crafter thread lolololol we can’t help it since we are creatures that weak against bait.



This feel like going out one by one if they found out lolololol (本人達に見つかったら一発アウトな気がするwwww)



Even if you going in anonymous, it’s still an open secret for the administration lol while staying at the inn posting here lololol (>>56匿名でも運営にモロバレたかんなwインしながらのカキコたしwww)(T/N: I had so much headache with all these shits)


The lolicon banzai thread, despite being derailed, someone managed to get them back in order and bit by bit they are beginning to get filled in.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, keep up the work translator-san

    From three chapter sounds like it will be a nice lighthearted story, though that chat group XD

    • Just re-read the chapter so I wanted to toss this too:
      話それてんぞー — This means the story/conversation(話) is (ぞー) derailing (それてん base: soreteiru)
      現にゲーム時間で半日もしないうちにこれたし。双子ちゃんとお兄さんがインし続けるならあるいは — sth along the lines of ‘they came along not even half a day ago in-game time. The twins and the brother could still be inned(logged in)’ >.> Also, don’t just copy and paste my explanations to you, it feels strange when reading something I’ve written

  2. Too much lolicon conversation
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    The time it takes to do things like just walk to different shops in the game makes sense for VR but would probably drive me nuts if I were playing.
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