Book 1 Chapter 4

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TL: TheDefend
Special thanks : Mana, inarisushi, elephant#5, Milanin etc

The second batch of the small bottles that I made was 11, totaling in 19. It’s unknown whether this is a good result or not, but if I do this then won’t the need to buy potion disappear?

Hitaki picked the transparent bottle then held it against a light source, she started to speak afterward.

「Next is compounding. Tsugu-ni, how many medicinal plants?」

「Hm? En~, there are 47 of those. For the antidote there are 31」

「Then make low-grade potion. Take out the mortar and grind the medicinal plants. Put them inside the glass bottle and activate the skill 【Synthesis】. You can do it」

U~mu, it feels like Hitaki’s explanation gradually becoming vague…… Since a while ago, I’ve been constantly glancing at the entrance, I’m anxious about Hibari. Of course I’m worried about her.

I’ve put out the beginner alchemy set away into the inventory and then take out the beginner compounding set them on the workbench.

Because I can do whatever I want with the cooking, I’ll keep going at this for a bit longer.

As expected when you ignore me, your onii-chan might just cry you know.

「Anyway, grind the herbs, then put the sap that came out into the bottle is fine right?」

「Yes, do your best」

「Leave it to me, even without telling me that I’ll do my best」

I took out the medicinal plants outside the inventory and put approximately into the mortar and start grinding it with the wooden pestle. After grinding it until it doesn’t have any shape, I went and prepare the empty small bottles and fill it with the medicinal plant’s sap carefully without spilling any of it.

The more you grind it, the more the fresh aroma of the medicinal plant came out. It’s a smell that I don’t particularly dislike.

Oops, if it were only like this then it will be only a medicinal plants sap. Shaking my head, I hold the filled small bottle 1 each in both hands and murmur out 「Skill 【Synthesis】」 to activate it.

Then a soft light appeared on both hand and the small bottle, immediately it disappeared, and what appears is a small bottle with contents in it and an empty small bottle above the workbench. The contents were teleported instead being merged. (すると柔かな光が両手の小瓶に宿り、それが消えると、中身のある小瓶とない小瓶が台の上に現れた。瞬間移動には突っ込まないように。)

「……Was that a success?」

「Yes, it was」

「That’s true. The explanation field also show low-grade potion as well, it didn’t fail」

Since I didn’t exactly understand the situation and was currently befuddled, it was until Hitaki started to clap her hands that the feeling that I actually succeed came to.

Since the part after this was only about repeating the crafting earnestly, it was omitted. I like this kind of steady work, so it’s a kind of thing that made this kind of silence fun.

After working for a while, when finishing up and 1 small bottle remains, just about I was about to tell Hitaki 「Go and find Hibari」 a PIKON sound resounded.

I was flustered since I haven’t gotten used to such a cute sound, Hitaki told me about it with a small laugh.

「Tsugu-ni, that is the sound from PT chat. If you open the status, the PT chat will be flashing. Then you press it?」

「Erm, party chat is…… this?」


『From player Hibari to player Tsugumi. There is an invitation for PT chat』

As soon as you pushed that part you immediately become connected, Hibari already sent a message 【Have you entered already?】 Since a keyboard appeared as well, this is pretty familiar for me.

「Hibari-chan so slow……」

While listening to Hitaki’s slightly pouting voice, I wrote a reply to Hibari.

Tsugumi : I already made a low-grade potion with the medicinal plants. also, Hitaki is worried since you were late. What happened?

Hibari : Geh. The blacksmith was crowded, it took more time than expected~

Tsugumi : That’s pretty disastrous

Hibari : I’ll head there soon. It’s not far, only a few minutes away!

Tsugumi : Ah, then can you run some errand as well? I want some cooking oil and dried fruits, if there is something that can be used to wrap food I want those as well

Hibari : How strange to forget to buy those. (買い忘れ乙。) I’ll get it as fast as the wind.  Give me some money (urgent). Speaking of which, I used mine to pay the repair! lol. (韋駄天走りで頑張るよ。)(T/N: literal : I’ll run as fast as Idaten, I will assume that you people have read kumo manga or ln to know what the hell idaten is)

Tsugumi : Got it. Wait a bit, I’ll transfer some to you

「Hitaki, how do you send some money?」

「N…… Like this」

「Thanks. Hibari will be here soon, once she finished that is」

「N, got it」

It seems Hitaki’s mood has slightly recovered I received a lecture on how sending money works, after that I send 3000M to Hibari. That much should be enough. Since I don’t know the prices, I can’t say it was an approximate……

After cleaning up the mortar, this time I prepared the beginner cooking set. What should I make with the meat and vegetables, egg and herbs?

Since I had Hibari bought oil, I guess it’ll be rabbit meat karaage.  Yosh, eat a lot since I’ll be cooking a lot~. (T/N: Japan’s fried chicken is different compared to American fried chicken, they are more tender and have crunchier outer skin)

「Since there are a lot of rabbit meat, I’ll go and make some rabbit karaage」

「N. I’ll help with preparation」

I took out the stuff from the inventory, the rabbit meat and the herbs picked from the bushes. The rabbit meat is already a processed block meat, all that’s left is to just cut it up to the size you like. (T/N: ブロック肉 google it, vegan beware)

I think it might be possible to dismantle from the very beginning, but I prefer not to as much as possible. I might faint because of that.

First, the block meat was cut into 2 parts, then each of them are cut into 6 parts, totaling into 12 pieces. At first I thought I should see how it goes. Even if this is just a game, I don’t want to do anything wasteful.

Since I’m taking care of the twins my cooking skill becomes high, so I liked to think that it’ll be alright. ( 双子の世話をする俺の料理スキルは高いので、大丈夫だと思いたい。 Unknown if the high cooking skill is in game or real life)

「Hitaki, can you slather the herb on the meat?」

「N, okay」

Under the workbench, there are some utensils being loaned out. After the things got separated from the table by a certain distance it will immediately be returned so it became impossible to steal.

I am currently holding a kitchen tray and brooded over this. Hitaki did say, slime starch is a combination of potato starch and flour, but which is which?

「You said that slime starch is a combination between potato starch and flour right?」

「I did. It’s potato starch if you think it is, and wheat flour if you think it is」 (T/N: What kind of fucking zen principle is this)

「…… So I should think this as some kind of all purpose flour」

「N. It’s a game so you don’t need to mind the details. That way it’ll be enjoyable. Probably」

I am convinced that it’s a convenient thing. Then let’s just do that.

I placed the starch on the tray and mix the lookalike sage, basil, and rosemary herbs.

Since the important seasoning wasn’t applied, that’s why it was tampered! I’m sure it’ll still taste good. Please spare me the insults if this tasted bad. ( 大した下味が付けられないから、これで誤魔化す! きっとおいしいはずだ。)

「Good, now all that’s left is to wait for Hibari to get the oil. Even without those, these can just be grilled normally and still taste good, probably」

「Fufu, I’m anticipating it」

Hitaki seems to have finished slathering the herbs and currently washing her hands with the water jug nearby.

Even when they fought and I was weeding we didn’t get dirty, it’s real in the very strange place. Well, it wasn’t a problem so I don’t mind.

I was sitting on the chair stored under the workbench for about 5 minutes when I saw Hibari entered the workshop and looked around restlessly.

If you weren’t family you won’t noticed, but Hitaki’s tense expression become relaxed.

Since we are currently at a pretty hidden place, once I waved my hand, Hibari’s faced brightened as she went closer to us.

「Sorry to keep you waiting!」

「Hibari-chan, slow」

「Sorry, Hii-chan. Tsugu-nii, I got the oil, dry fruits, and the wrapping paper」

Hibari went and opened her window and no sooner than that, the cute sound that I’ve just recently gotten used to rings, and my window opened.

Now then, what is this? I took a look and it was the items that I requested, it seems the money that I gave was enough.

【Item transfer】

『Transfer from player Hibari 【Vegetable oil】 5 pieces, 【Dried fruit】 5 pieces, 【Wrapping paper】 5 pieces to player Tsugumi』

「Oh, thanks. 1 of the vegetable oil contains 300cc oil, dried fruits are 120 gram for each 1 of it, and as for the wrapping paper 10 pieces for each 1 of them.

「I thought it would be better to have a lot of them. Well, the wallet become completely empty thanks to that, haha」

「I’ll give you more again later. Now then, since I’m going to use the oil, just go and sit on the chair and wait」


I completely forgot this is inside the game, I just went and told them just like it was back home. Oh well, since it won’t be dangerous so it’ll probably be fine.

Place 100cc (approximately) of the vegetable oil into the frying pan, then heat them on medium heat. Put a little bit of the slime starch in the oil and if it’s started to crackling then it means it’s hot enough.

I add the starch which I mixed with herb to the rabbit meat which was plastered with herb in the same way and place them apart with some interval in-between. And after waiting for 2 minutes. The meat was turned over and it was cooked for another 2 minutes.

After both sides have been fried, I tilted the frying pan so no oil is in the food and after taking them out it’s finished.

Since the 6 are being used for testing to see what would happen, the remaining 6 will be fried in the same way.

The 3 karaage are being wrapped with the wrapping paper, and since there are 3 remain it’s time to test taste it.

The appearance looked like karaage in the real world which has a crispy appearance and it also has a smell that increases my appetite.

I didn’t immediately eat them myself, first of all is to give it to the twins.

【Herb covered rabbit karaage】

A deep fried rabbit meat covered thoroughly with herb like things It tasted good even without seasoning. Recover hunger. Large amount.

「I made it liked I did with normal karaage, I wonder if this is okay? Now I’m worried…… 」

「Crispy, and fluffy」

「The flavor of the herbs are good, Tsugu-nii!」

Immediately the two went to ate it and gave me their approval, I as well reach out to eat the karaage.

And at that moment the hood began to squirm, a black shadow suddenly jumped and snatched the karaage. Since it all happened so quickly I became flabbergasted. T-the heck……?

「Ah, Tsugu-nii’s karaage!」

「N…… Spider?」


This is what happened since I didn’t feel any weight in my hood, I completely forgotten about this cute spider that looked like a stuffed animal.

No way, don’t tell me it has been staying inside the hood all this time…… Well, it might have been asleep all this time.

The spider in question just ignore us, completely, and just nomming the food happily.

Then Hitaki started to explain while opening a window.

「That, spiders common on bushes and trees~. The timidest monster on R&M. Even when found they are skilled when it comes to running away」

「Tsugu-nii, what is with this child? did you pick it up?」



「It was when I was gathering the grass? It was fallen from above and it got turned over, that’s why I gave it a bit help. Then it just stayed at my hood」

「Eh, then that means……」



I started to listen to their talk, then the twins opened their window, once again it’s consultation time.

As for the spider…… It seems to have finished eating the karaage, it made a cute belching sound ‘kepu’, then it turns its eyes to me. Then all of a sudden it jumped out to me and I caught it while panicking.

「Hey, that’s dangerous」


Hm? What is? It gave that kind of feeling while this thing tilted its head. Then it just started to return to the hood like it’s a matter of course, well whatever, I just go and begin cleaning up the dishes.

I think it’s alright because it’s a game, but I’d like to dispose the oil quickly.

Used oil and starch flour are thrown away to a place that seems to be a trash can. It would be environmentally friendly since it would be mere data destruction.

The kitchen knife, cutting board, and the frying pan are each using 1 scoop of water from the water jug. And when I hold it up I was perplexed It became clean like it was new and I put them back into the inventory. It’s convenient.

「Are……? You already put away the cooking tools?」

「Well. I can’t make anything else here」

Hibari went to asked me that, it seems their consultation has ended.

And before I know it the surrounding has been sending glances my way, I gave that reply while taking a look at the surrounding. I know that my little sisters are still middle school and it’s rare for people like them to be in this game, but isn’t this a bit too rude?

The two give a glance at the surrounding and seemingly to understand the situation right now gave a slight nod. It seems that you understand, your onii-chan is happy now.

「This really does attract attention. The karaage is good enough to fill the hunger, let’s go to the inn now!」

「Next, use the 2nd floor. It’s a private room so it’s quieter than the 1st floor. However, it cost money」

「I’ll tell you about the spider at the inn. Follow me.」

「Yeah, my bad」

「It’s okay. We are the one who invited you. Don’t mind about it」

After confirming whether we forgotten anything, we return the chair back to its place under the workbench I begun to walk without losing sight of the two.


The area had already darkened when we left the workshop, there are now more of those fire-in-steel-basket in the surrounding than before, the view is far more fantastic compared than before.
Hibari entered a narrow alley which branched off from the main street, a small signboard that reveals that it was a shop was hanged we entered it. I didn’t really understood the meaning of the signboard and wrack my head then Hitaki started to pull on the hem of my robe.

「Less conspicuous compared to the inn on the main street. This place is not that famous」
「So that’s it. This place certainly gave snugly feeling and it makes it feels like being at home」
「Excuse me~! Room for 3, we are staying overnight until 6 without meal please. I’ll leave the paying to you Tsugu-nii~」
「I got it」

The total price for 3 people is 450M it’s 150M per person. If the stay included meal then the cost will be doubled.
On a side note, the meal consists of black bread, vegetable soup (with bits of meat) and fruit water. So frugal~.
We received the key from the curt uncle who seemed to have thrown away all of his courtesy somewhere and went to our room. The passage was wide enough for two adults to walk side by side. Although there is only the first floor, it is quite wide.
The floors are boarded and the walls are using dark colored wood. Since this building is made of wood won’t it burn well if it caught on fire?

「It’s the bed~, so soft and fluffy! I’m taking the middle~」 (T/N: Mid or feed)

The moment we entered the room, Hibari immediately dived into the bed. It seems the bed wasn’t made with springs since Hibari didn’t bounced on it.
Compared to her other half, Hitaki sits on the bed quietly. I wish Hibari could follow her example.
On top of the small table there is an antique-style clock.
It has the same color as the wood wall and inside it gears can be seen. It might be easier to imagine it as a big pocket watch.
The two of them speak while looking at it.

Since right now it’s 20:00 it’s okay to sleep at 23:00」
「Tsugu-nii, in this game you need to sleep for 6 hours or use an item to recover HP & MP. There are no natural regeneration or getting healed when you leveled up」
「Using items are wasteful, Inn is economical」
「By the way it’s 6 hours inside the game. But it will only felt like few seconds」
「I see. There are too much of the fine details, I can’t remember them……」
「It’s okay. Even if Tsugu-ni doesn’t remember there is still us」
「Yepyep, leave it to us!」

The 3 bed that is lined up are being assigned starting from me, Hibari, and then Hitaki from closest to furthest, Hitaki came and began to sit on Hitaki’s bed. We both sat down on our respective bed and face each other like we are in an interview.

「Now then, let’s talk about kumo-chan!」(T/N: Kumo = spider)
「Tsugu-ni, can you take out the spider?」
「Yeah. ……Up we go」

Hibari started to talk happily followed by Hitaki who asked question while tilting her head.
To take out the spider out of the hood, I know I have to do this fast. I removed the clasp-like button connecting the robe and the hood and put it on my lap.
The spider who came to look my way with face full of curiosity from inside of the hood looked just like a baby wrapped in a cloth.

「It really didn’t escape after all. Tsugu-nii, I think this is the state where you can tame」
「Eerm, If I recall correctly tame is making a monster as your own…… right?」

While watching the quiet spider, Hibari raised her voice with full conviction.
When I asked a question to recall what it is, Hitaki nodded greatly.

「N. you can do it if you use skill 【Tame】」
「Guess I can just try it. skill 【Tame】」
Pikon. (T/N: This is SFX)

【Taming Success!】
『Spider Level 1 added to player Tsugumi’s 【Tame 1/1】. In the case of fighting with tamed monster, 1 PT slot is used. At the time of your login, a tamed monster need a meal once a day. A tamed demon is your partner. Please note that there is favorability. In addition, these warning will only be available on the first time taming』
『Please enter the name of Spider Level 1』

「Oh, it’s a success. Erm, now what is it to do…… a name?」

When the skill 【Tame】 was activated, windows containing tips like things alongside sound effect and a place to write are opened.
A name huh? This is a pretty template situation when having them become a comrade. But isn’t there some monsters with a name from the very beginning?
Then as a result of 3 people discussion, it has been decided that the name would be Rigu since it’s similar to a jumping spider.  It’s a pretty simple name but I think it fits. (T/N: ハエトリグモ/Haetorigumo)
When I input that to the input screen and approved it, the spider name has been decided to be Rigu. Whether Rigu understands the situation or not, it’s full of spirit.

「It’s in a pretty good mood~ Is it because Tsugu-nii’s karaage is delicious?」
「Nice to meet you, Rigu」
「Shu, Shushuu!」

And as for dinner, I took out the karaage that was just made and pass it on to my little sisters. While the karaage that is my share I gave it into Rigu.
Since the time didn’t pass inside inventory you can always eat freshly made food anytime.
It is not as bad as the twins, but my satiety has decreased by a bit so I took a bite as well. Overflowing meat juices, crispy coating, and the fluffy fragrant herbs are all a perfect match.
Looking at 2 people and 1 animal eating it deliciously, a smile came out involuntarily on my face.
By the way, pet food for monsters seems to exist, it’s easy to just buy it and feed the item to them. Even so I still prefer to feed them my home-made cooking.
I have been a house-husband for 13 years now, I want you to expect my cooking since I’m good at it. I also have quite the repertoire. (T/N: Menu)

「So now all that’s left is just to go to bed?」
「Yes, that’s right~」
「Tsugu-ni, anything you want to know? Time, currently lots」

Rigu’s taming was ending instantly. Since it felt like a waste to sleep I chat with the other two.

「So a full day has passed, more specifically half a day since we started from noon. But in the real world, only 15 minutes have passed… that’s unbelievable」
「That’s true. We only had the information we looked up beforehand as well, there were a lot of surprising things, you know?」
「Monster’s tackle, the incoming impact. The food actually tasted good. Didn’t expect to be so real till I experienced it first hand」

Even though it was an unfamiliar game, I felt moved by it. Well, I can’t fight, so I haven’t done anything serious yet….. This is the only thing that can’t be helped.

「If it’s like this then I don’t mind playing this game from time to time. Of course it has to be after I finished with all the stuff in real life」 (T/N:「これなら、ちょこちょこゲームしてもいいかな。もちろん、現実でやることをやったらだけど」)
「We did it!」
「N, we did」

Both Hibari and Hitaki held each other’s hands in joy due to my words. Both today and tomorrow are weekend, so let’s go and play as much as we possibly can. Because I loved my younger sisters’ smile more than anything. (T/N: Siscon and pedo)
After that, the topic shifted to food like 「Thick sliced fried egg」「Stir fried vegetables!」 causing the discussion to become heated. However, due to a large amount of rabbit meat still remaining, it has been decided that it will be karaage for awhile.
Of course it’s all my decision.  Well, it might be better to sell them if the amount became too much. (T/N: 「厚焼き卵!」「野菜炒め!」 Food pictures)
And while we keep talking about those kinds of stuff, it quickly became bedtime and we all started to tuck ourselves into the bed.
After a few seconds closing eyes, I felt like my consciousness awake and opened my eyes.


We abruptly woke up and looked towards the window without muttering a word.  Sunlight is pouring into the room. (T/N: The house window, not game panel window)
The provided antique clock indicated that it was a little past 5 o’clock in the morning. It seems we have safely greeted the morning.
I-it doesn’t feel like I was asleep. The body is fine, but I think it might develop into a mental problem.
For awhile we decided to stay in silence, it was until Hitaki starts murmuring that we began to talk.

「……In short, getting used to」
「Brainwaves are awesome. It’s the best」(T/N:「脳波すごい。最強」 I am as confused as you guys are)
「Well, it seems to be something like that, anyway, for now we have entered the 2nd day. So what is the plan for today? More leveling?」
「O-of course! The beginner town’s monster, job, skill are designed to be easily increased until level 10. This is a consideration for the beginner」
「Weapon, skill, lots of things that I want. It’s troubling……」

Since I took off my robe before and so I don’t drop Rigu I carefully put on my robe.
Rigu is still sleeping soundly while making *supi supi* sounds and making snot bubble. Let’s be careful.

「Should I go and cook something? The portable food doesn’t have any taste right?」(T/N: 携帯食料 Lit: Portable food, it gave me calorie-bar like thing on google 「料理作ってからにしてもいいか? 携帯食料はちょっと味気ないだろう?」Depending on whether it’s the male mc that’s talk or the imouto, this can be a very different sentence, assuming it’s mc)
「That’s true. It’s still early in the morning, so I’m sure Tsugu-nii can go an extra mile for it!」

Since I won’t know what would be good to do if it weren’t for these two, I more or less obtain their approval first.
I was interested in the portable food, but they really didn’t have any taste. Or rather, how do you even made it like that……? The mystery deepens. No, I never thought to make it.
Just like how I did last night, I turned all of the rabbit meat inside the inventory into karaage. With this amount of meat, I could go and open a shop.
I took a look around for the things that I might have forgotten and once I’m sure that everything is in order we left the room.
The current time is around 5:30 AM. Last night it was the grumpy oji-san, now in the morning is an amiable oba-san, I went to refill the water canteen, paid the room fee, and returned the key.
On the way to the workshop I transferred 2000M to Hibari and 1000M to Hitaki. While I still remember as it seems like a thing that could be forgotten, right.
I seem to be the most suited to be a wallet, but is there no bank? I’ve no clue.

「The workshop cost 100M/hour per person. So to make the karaage it’ll take around 2 hours-?」 (T/N: Word cut mid sentence, not typo)
「Dishes with lots of veggies, make them? please」
「Anything is fine」

Hibari who loved meat, Hitaki who loved vegetables. How long do you think I’ve been cooking for both of you?
While thinking about such thing we went towards the 2nd floor, a window came out with the sound PIKON in front of my eye and I paid 600M for it.

「Even thought it’s this early in the morning, 1/3 of the room is already filled with people」
「For craftsman, morning, noon, night, doesn’t matter」
「That’s true. If you brought food and drinks and didn’t go to sleep, you can keep going at it」

When we entered the specified room, the workbench and table and also the chair, it doesn’t have that much difference compared to the 1st floor. It’s a good thing that there won’t be anyone looking my way, it suddenly made me motivated to do this.
I immediately take out the necessary items from the inventory and start cooking while letting my sisters help.
Fumu, if it’s only karaage then it’s boring. What else I can make…… This is a torture for a house-husband.
Alright, it’s decided.

【Fruit Bread】
Soft bread with dry fruits. It has moderate sweetness which made it an exquisite match. Delicious. Recover hunger. Recover large amount.
【Mochi-mochi Bread】
Bagel-like bread. Suitable for sandwiches with large size. Delicious. Recover hunger.
【Herbed meat and vegetable sandwich】
A herb slathered meat with fresh vegetables sandwiched between bread. Jam packed with flavors. Recover hunger. Recover large amount.
【Egg and vegetable sandwich】
A dish that brings out the flavor of the ingredients consisting of boiled eggs seasoned with salt and pepper, then mashed and sandwiched together with fresh vegetables. Recover hunger.
【Fried meat wrapped herbs and vegetables】
The meat wrapping the vegetable and herb, and then fried whole. Delicious. Recover hunger. Recover large amount.
【Thick sliced rolled fried egg (salted)】 (T/N: 厚焼き卵)
Shining gold thickly sliced rolled fried egg that perfectly seasoned with salt. Recover hunger. Recover large amount.

「Alright, I guess this is enough」
「Waa, it looked so good! As expected of Tsugu-nii」
「N, looked delicious. I’m drooling. JURURI」 (T/N: Slurp)

I was working until the very limit of the time and managed to cook almost all of the ingredients. There are still the rabbit karaage, my inventory is mostly filled with dishes.
It seems only 1 dish can enter for 1 space of inventory. Though that’s not the case if you wrap them up together like with the karaage, so it’s a good thing I bought a lot of it.
And look! When the skill level goes up, you can skip on some step and it will still be finished.
This is making me happy. If this can be applied to reality, I’m sure it’ll ease a lot of things.
Now then, we’ve split up the money and I’ve got 10 low-grade potions while the two have 4 each. We also each got 10 antidotes. We’ve checked several times so it should be fine.
The reason we checked so many times was that I learned my lesson from the twin’s previous outing and field trip.

「Hey, hey, Hii-chan, were crafter jobs supposed to be this easy? According to the BBS it was supposed to be hard」
「Real technique is necessary As for Tsugu-ni, probably that’s why?」(T/N: Refer to his skill irl)
「…… I-i see. Well, if it made things easier then it’s all good. Also, how would we raise Tsugu-nii’s job level?」
「Rigu, bite. Spider thread used for binding. If Rigu worked hard, his master, Tsugu-ni will receive exp as well」
「Oh, so that’s how it is! If the Tamed Partner is the one who fought monster, then it will collect exp」
「N, that’s why it’ll be fine」

When we finished preparing to leave the room, the voice of the two talking can be heard. Even if I were to hold the leather whip since I don’t have the skill for whip so it’s just a useless thing. How regrettable.
Well, even if I tried to use it, I can totally see that it will just end coiling me up. Then I shouldn’t just do it from the start.

「O~i, the 10 minutes warning just came out, we need to leave the room now-」

A warning came out in a red window, so I called the twins and left the workshop in hurry.
The city at around 7:30 AM was filled with adventurers, it made me felt slightly overwhelmed by it. If we get lost right now we’ll definitely won’t be able to meet for a while.
However, this is still better than the fountain plaza where most of the people are. If you need to go to the fountain plaza you need to go with the adventurer’s flow.
We passed through the open gate and moved our foot forwards to the prairie where monsters appeared here and there.

「Today let’s look for a place with few people, let’s start the monster hunt~!」

The hunting ground was the same place as yesterday, there were no people, nearby there are bushes where medicinal plants grow, and in the slight distance we can saw a forest.
The closer you are to the entrance of the city, the more populated the hunting spot became. Even when a monster appeared it will immediately be killed by someone, screw it trying to level up, it just isn’t possible.

「Tsugu-ni, let’s work hard together with Rigu. Okay?」
Hitaki placed her hand on the stone dagger and moved towards me while inclining her head slightly. Hibari pulled her stone sword and prepared her wood shield while in good mood.
And as for what I can do is to throw the low-grade potion when the twin’s HP is decreased. Then all I can depend on is Rigu that I just tamed yesterday.

「Well, let’s just do the best I can. Rigu, can I depend on you?」

After I made a speech to Rigu who are still inside my hood, he immediately started squirming around and I catch him out when he energetically jumped out.

「Today is~…… all I can see is hop rabbit, slime, and stray dog!」

Hibari joining two of her finger on her arms that didn’t hold her sword into a circle and looked through it like with a telescope. That gesture probably didn’t have any meaning though. Or rather, you are standing on your toes you know.
A flock of the stray dog noticed us and instead of just watching us they went towards us. There are…… 5 of them.

「Tsugu-ni, the stray dogs came. Be careful」
「Got it」
「Rigu, defeat the ones that came to Tsugu-nii!」

While exchanging words lightly, both Hibari and Hitaki raised their weapon.
Rigu jumps out of my arms and stick out his round butt and made a growling sound.
I guess it planned to be intimidating, but to be frank it’s just cute. Since Rigu seems to be serious, I won’t say that.
The stray dogs are forming a semi-circle formation and tried to surround us. This thing that is baring its fang and growling, did that 「Cruel depiction reduction」 really applied? I’d like to confirm it.

「Since they are attacking frontally, Hii-chan, go and find a gap and attack when you find one」
「N, Understood」
「Rigu. If you find any gaps on these guys, go wind the spider thread on them」
「Shu~! Shuu!」
「I’m gonna get the first one!」

No sooner after Rigu replied, Hibari struck her stone sword at the nearest stray dog.
The stray dog which raised a high-pitched scream called his comrade and 3 of them surrounds Hibari.
Seeing it from behind, it can be seen that Hibari still has some room to spare.

「Tsugu-ni, Take care 1 of it. Magic【Dark Ball】」
「Eh? Ah, Hitaki?」

Out of the remaining 2, Hitaki pushed one of them to me with the dark magic which hit the face of the stray dog and made it flinched when it tried to run to chase her.
Before I even managed to reply she already left and I stood there dazed just like that.
These kind of cooperation is very easy for those two, but onii-chan has lots of responsibilities you know.
The stray dog is growling in low volume while glaring this way, slowly but surely the stray dog is getting closer and I let out a big sigh.
If it has come to this then I have no choice but to do my best.

「Rigu, once the stray dog is distracted spray his face with the spider thread」

Rigu courageously face it but he looked cute in the process and I went to gather decent sized stones for ammunition
It seems it’s necessary to have the skill 【Throw】 to use it as an attack but if you only used it as a distraction you didn’t seem to need it. It’ll be good if it just falls nearby.
When the gathered stone was thrown, 1 of them luckily hit the stray dog.
The moment the stray dog shook its head, Rigu went and released his threads. The spider thread is thin and looked unreliable, I don’t think it’s possible to defeat the dog like this, I really want some peace of mind.

「Shuu, shu~u」
「Good, the next is…… try biting him I guess? Fight on!」

The stray dog having his face covered by the spider web trashed its neck around.
And with the order (with question mark) that I issued, Rigu bit on the unprotected foreleg of the stray dog.
Even if it became angry it was already too late.
On the back of the stray dog, a sharp fang is penetrating it after Rigu went around by using his jumping characteristic and deliver 1 bite. As the stray dog shook his back Rigu jumps off and deliver another 1 bite on the hind leg.
This is definitely chew-chew time. Rigu is peerless in this aspect. The attack power seems to be weak, but as it continued for a while, the wild dog became a light grain and was scattered in the air.

【Stray dog’s fang】
A sharp fang. It took time and effort to process this so there isn’t much demand for this thing. Price 35M
【Dog’s meat】
Skinny meat. The taste is pretty bad since it was a carnivore. Price 10M

「You did well, Rigu」
「Shushus, Shu~」

When I told that to Rigu, his mood became good and he leaped up. So cute.
I took a look at my sister’s situation after collecting myself, they both have their hands tied against 2 dogs.

「Now then, I don’t want to be a nuisance to Hibari and Hitaki, but I want to assist them. Can you do it?」

Since I can’t do anything, I asked my reliable partner to help hinder the enemy’s movement.
Since Rigu is pretty small, they’ll never make a mistake and accidentally hit him with a sword, and that made the combat easy. Omitted.

「Having Rigu restrain their movement sure make thing easier~」
「N, from now on there won’t be any worries to raising Tsugu-ni’s level」
「The everything is good. Or rather, I’ll leave the combat stuff to Rigu, as for me it’ll be better to pick up herbs right?」
「Even if it’s fine, please stay at the place where you are visible. Since this region have active enemies in it!」
「Because there is monster that attacks even without being attacked」
「Got it. Rigu, I’ll leave the 2 to you」

The suggestion that I gave on the spot unexpectedly getting approved easily. I leave Rigu behind and immediately entered the bushes. In addition to the medicinal plants there are antidote grass and herb, this place is a treasure trove, now this started to getting fun. This must be what they mean by right place right time.
I crouched down without worrying about the dirt and plucked out the herbs clean. As for how much to harvest, I am thinking of doing it while considering/consulting the inventory bit by bit. (どれだけ採取するかは、カツカツなインベントリと相談しながらやっていこうと思う。)(T/N: Yeeeah, this one use ‘consulting’ which doesn’t make a lot of sense)
When the hunger and thirst level dropped, I took dishes from the inventory and ate it with everyone. Let’s make a note that this was very popular. (T/N: Probably the dishes)
After eating the meals and went through several combat, both Hibari and Hitaki’s weapon became broken.
Stone weapons are stronger and more robust than wooden weapons, and iron weapons are even better. Nevertheless, iron weapons are not something that a newbie adventurer can purchase so there is no other choice than to repair those.
Since the PT’s balance are pretty good, we made quite a bit of profit. It’ll be nice if I could somehow manage to get my hands on it in the 1 week until I have to log out! Or that’s what I felt.
If I didn’t have to cook they could probably obtain it a little bit faster, but the 2 of them didn’t want to do that. Since they panicking-ly objected about it.  (T/N: Thanks to Milanin that clear up some stuff. The ‘it’ refer to the iron sword)

「Now then, let’s go and get all those stuff repaired. If we still have time I would like to go hunting again~」
「There are only active demon at night. We’ll be surrounded」 (T/N: Active monster = aggressive, I’m following the original lines)
「That’s true…… Then on our next trip to the next city, it’d probably better to refrain hunting monster unless it’s the designated one」
「I understand now. Ah, when we get back to the town you two will head to the blacksmith?」
「N, but this time Tsugu-ni should come along」
「That’s right. The PK setting was set to it would be impossible to do so, but you can still get into a fight with other players. You see, with me being waited out by beautiful twins like you guys, riajuu should be destroyed…… or something like that」 (T/N: I tried with this line, very hard)
「Don’t go and say that about us. But well, thanks for worrying. So the two of us won’t be lost please come and accompany us」
「N, we welcome you」

While having a siblings comedy skit we went towards into the city. Since the inventory is full we need to sell the stuff we can’t use. Well, putting it into the twins inventories could be a possibility too I guess, let’s talk about it later.
FYI the inventory space are 100. In 1 space it’s possible to have 99.
It seems that you can increase the space if you do a specific demon and a specific quest, but it does not matter to us now. I was told that such thing were difficult. (T/N: It doesn’t mention what you should do with the special monster, either item drop or maybe kill quest)
Thanks to Hitaki’s 【Presence detection】 we arrived at the city easily. The time is slightly past 14:00.
We entered the gate and went against the wave of adventurers and went into the blacksmith.

◆ ◆ ◆

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      脳波すごい。最強 — This translates badly into English, since it’s just [object]sugoi and suddenly it’s a “horray”-ish thing to [object]… But in short, it’s about how it’s amazing that the brainwave VR allowed for the night to pass in such a short frame of time
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      料理をしなければもう少し早く手に入るが、2人はそういう我慢はしたくない様子。慌てて反論してきたからな。 — the 手に入る refers to the weapons of higher grades as in: This isn’t a money grows on trees (unless it’s apples and you sell them) kind of novel
      そうだったね……次の街に行くとか、狙ってる魔物がいる時以外は止めとくのが吉かなぁ — It’s not if a monster is targeting them, it’s if they’re aiming for a monster. Like for a request “Subjugate & Bring loot from Yamihebi ‘Darkness Snake'” or some random thing that appears only at night.
      まぁ、双子のインベントリに入れるのも手か、あとで話してみよう — You’re attacking and making the MC seem like a bad person here mr ‘defend’. What he says is “Well, putting it into the twins inventories could be a possibility too I guess, let’s talk about it later.
      — Now off to read the chapter… I noticed a line of Japanese, followed through the chapter to see the Japanese and give tips…

      • 食事から数戦すると — ‘After eating, in a few battles,’ or ‘A doing a few battles after the meal,’ Since the meaning is that… Well… Afterから the meal食事, they didする battle戦 a few times数 andと the weapons broke

      • 次の街に行くとか — When heading for the next town. As in when they wish to leave the newbie area, that’s when they’d be willing/have to go through the night

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