Book 1 Chapter 5

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*KAN*, *KAN*, the sounds of steel being hit can be heard from the blacksmith, beyond the counter you can feel the heat emanating.
Hibari and Hitaki casually started talking with the scary looking muscular shop owner. Despite her being my sister, they sure have a very confident personality. (TL: Remember, MC is outright wimpy, not even beta)
15 minutes later.
As the shopkeeper said that he was free, he said that the armor would be fixed in a short while.
「I’m thinking of bringing the raw materials from the monster to make equipment」「If the monsters that you defeated drop items, then you can bring it to the blacksmith to make variety of stuff」 are what the twins talking about.
Well, that’s what those two would think about. In fact, I never actually used any of my equipment at all. I’ve only touched them a bit.
And let me say something, give me a reason why would you need to heat up stone weapons and wood shield then hammering on them.

「Tsugu-nii, next is to the stall!」
「Hm? Why?」
「It’s the glass sand you bought yesterday, after checking it out it was limited to 1 item per person. With 3 people you can buy 3 more」
「Tsugu-nii can make those small bottle for potions right? Then no matter how many recovery medicine you had it won’t become something annoying. Fu n fu♪ n fu ♪」(「ツグ兄ぃはポーションの小瓶作れるでしょ? 回復薬はいくつあっても邪魔じゃないからねー。ふんふ♪ んふ♪」)
「Hibari-chan, tone deaf」
「Eh? N-no way that’s true! Tsu-tsugu-nii!?」
「Hibari, even when you looked my way the fact won’t change」

She got enlightened! Even if you looked at me like that only made me troubled. Hibari’s tone deafness was from early childhood and when I noticed it, it was already too late.
I left Hibari who is depressed and dropped her shoulder alone, Hitaki and me continue walking forward. Hibari recovered herself immediately and ran after after us.
We exchanged a word or two to the onee-san who opened her shop at the same place as yesterday and obtained the glass grit. And once again, I forgotten about the seasoning when stocking up. (また仕入れの時、調味料に紛れ込んでいたらしい。)
It should’ve been impossible. ( 無理がある言い分だ。) Well, since this is a game, let’s not care too much about it.
I was also attracted to cheese, bacon, milk and spices, but I endured it until the dishes that were packed in the inventory got used up.
Although our way of life is threatened by monsters, it is fulfilling. ( 魔物に生活を脅かされている割には豊かだよな。) Though it’s expensive. As expected of the game (さすがゲーム。)

「Thanks to Tsugu-nii we can use potion as much as we like to an extent! Afterwards is to sell the materials?」
「N, Hunting become easy. tool shop, armor shop is ok」 (「ん、狩り楽。道具屋、防具屋で大丈夫」)

While walking leisurely towards the tool shop, the skill shop that we passed suddenly became a subject of concern.

「Hey, now that I think about it, what kind of shop is a skill shop anyway?」
「Skill shop? Right, let’s go there after selling the raw materials!」
「Variety of skills. Basic attacks, status ups, arts, magic, prices varied」

Since the girls seems to want to go there and there was nothing planned so we decided to go there. We sold the item that should go to the tool shop, then to the armor shop the items related to it and afterwards entered the skill shop.
By the way, there is what’s called Adventurer guild on the next street/town, as they are buy things in bulk, it’s nice that you don’t have to do bothersome things (T/N:街 can either meant city/street/block)
To put it briefly, Adventurer guild is an organized professional union. According to twins it’s an organization that helped inside the game. If you did bad things they won’t come and give you help.
Ignoring Hibiki, who was chuckling over her wealthy status, the interior of the skill store was set up like a glass showcase with round marble-like glass spheres lined up everywhere.
The glass ball reflected the sunlight that entered through the window and made it looked like a jewel instead.

「Soo, these things that looked like glass marbles is called a magic stone and a skill is contained inside it」
「The cheap one is 100M, expensive one can go over minimum 1.000.000M. Skills, can’t be made fun of」
「Hm~…… there are a lot of them. But if there is a skill that you really wanted, you just need to buy it」
「Yep, afterall the one that you get from quest is pretty much random~. Moreover, the competition over the skills quest amongst players itself is severe and the quest itself is harsh」

The skill ball in the showcase is less than 10,000 M, and those more expensive are decorated on the shelf behind the shopkeeper.
The crime prevention is secure and at the moment when the person who stole a skill ball left the shop, seems to be made to teleport to the prison for exclusive use for thief. You’ll be made to listen the NPC’s scolding and restrained for half day inside the prison. In addition, it seems that you cannot shop again at that shop. Well that is pretty obvious.
The cheapest skill ball is skill [leap], and surprisingly it’s 100M. The effect is that you can jump as high as your height.
i thought it might be an effective skill depending on the person. For aggroing monsters, or breaking into buildings? The latter was an afterthought. It’s not recommended though.

You will be able to understand the mood of the demon you tamed. Limited to tamer. Price 500M.

Since there is an interesting skill when I browse the showcase, I bought it after consulting with my sisters.
Those 2 definitely will be able to distinguish a good skill or a bad one, more or less.
There are also whip skill, but since I get a bad vibe from it, it was rejected.

Increase the user’s aggro. Price 500M.
Increase the user’s dodge rate. AGI dependent. Price 500M.

The 【Provoke】provoke is for the aspiring tank Hibari, and as the name implies, it is a skill that provokes enemies and attract it to the users. ( タンク志望であるヒバリの【挑発】は、その名の通り敵を挑発し使用者に惹き付けるスキル。) [Evade] is just like it’s name suggest, it’s a skill that fit Hitaki that’s skilled to evade enemy’s attack.
I also bought a skill, since I became want one for myself. ( 俺がスキルを買ったら、自分も欲しくなっちゃったとのこと。)
As I left the skill shop and looked up at the sky, the days were already beginning to end. It won’t be long before it became dark. I don’t want to risk danger by going out of the city.

「Ah, that took quite some time. But I got a skill in the end so it’s all fine」
「N, Skills are important. Skills are deciding life or death」
「Now then, we still have 5 more days left in this world. We’ve been in for too long, it made our perception of reality all messed up」
「Certainly~. Tomorrow is Sunday in the real world remember? We are going to Misa-chan’s house to play」
「I can brag about this」
「Ah, going to Iida-san’s place huh. Don’t go and bother Misa-chan too much, especially Hibari」

I won’t be one~, I left Hibari that become pissed to Hitaki to take care of. In this case, because both of them are twins that they can understand each other’s points, and more than anything is that both of them are girls.
Since the two are going to their friend’s house, I’ll just do whatever tomorrow. ( 2人が友達の家に行くなら、明日俺は何をしよう。) And my works just recently finished so there won’t be any for a while. Then since I got some time should I go and investigate what this R&M is about?
Let me remind you that I’m not unemployed. Ah, by the way.

「Mu~…… We somehow still managed to make some profit after having the gear keep broken, are we eventually going to buy a replacement?」(「むー……多少お金も潤ってきたし、装備が壊れ次第、順次買い換えよっか?」)
「Hibari-chan, first is Hibari-chan because she’s a tank」

Suddenly, after having her mood recovered to some degree Hibari began to open her mouth. The proposal is a good one.
For today we didn’t leave the city, we went to armor and weapon shop to check on the prices of the equipments. I don’t know about the two, but I want to know about it.
A piece of wood that has a price written on it with a writing brush is lined up next to a piece of armor. ( 並べられている武具の側にある木片に、達筆で書かれた値段。 writing brush or neat handwriting?) I do not know the standard price because I did not play games, isn’t it quite expensive? I left the store as I murmured.

「Iron sword is 18.000 M, leather shield is 5.000 M, iron dagger is 12.000 M, leather armor is 8.000 M. The prices are severe」(T/N: Severe written in english)
「Well, you’ll get bored if you can become stronger right away. Getting stronger gradually is the real pleasure of a game. But the prices are certainly expensive……」
「The area around here, did not have mineral resource to be gathered. It take that into account」
「Well, how about going to the next town and buying equipment?」
「I’ll do that if I can. The distance to the next town is when you leave at the morning and arrived at night. First we have to get stronger or else we’ll just end up returning by death.
「Hee, so that was it. That’s pretty bad」
「N, In this one week, work hard to be able to go to next town」

On hands right now after selling the raw materials just now totaled, 19.000M. Today we only fixed the stone sword, but tomorrow Hibari will be holding the iron sword. (石の剣を直したばかりだが、明日には鉄の剣がヒバリの手に握られているだろう。)
If a lot of monsters appeared, Hitaki should be able to buy a new weapon.
Since there is nothing else to do, let’s just go and stroll in the town until it’s get dark with the two of them.
There are only stores that cater for adventurers in the vicinity of the main street, but as you go down the alley you can feel the livelihood of this world’s inhabitant as a whole. (大通り付近は冒険者用の店ばかりだけど、路地を奥に進むと、この世界の住民が生活している感が半端ない。) It’s a game that really created another world without missing any details at all…….
Won’t you go and fall in love with the residents of the game then? Well, since 1 day in real life equal to 48 days in game, so there won’t be the time to be staying together. It is unavoidable to think about it though.
In the same inn as yesterday, as usual I got a key from an unfriendly oji-san and arrived at the room, then I got solicited to cook for Rigu.
Rigu who hadn’t had any presence up to now was sleeping like a log up until now inside my hood. ( これまでずっと存在感のなかったリグは、俺のフードの中で爆睡中だったようだ。) It was because he ate so much despite only just waking up that it made me wonder ‘where did it all go in that tiny body of his?’
The bed were used as chair and we all began to eat our meal.

「Nonetheless, Tsugu-nii’s cooking is really good~」
「N, delicious. The best」
「W-what just happened?」

Suddenly, a balloon with emoticon appeared above Rigu’s head.
I raised a surprised voice unexpectedly, but it seems that Hibari, Hitaki, and even Rigu himself did not know. I was able to calm myself down immediately.
That reminds me, I remembered the effect of the new skill that I just bought some time ago, and I gave a wry smile.
Since Rigu’s emotions become easily understandable, then this is all OK. No matter what anyone says, this made my heart all fluttery.

「4 Days left~, It’ll be the repeat of the same battle, so please go with us Tsugu-nii!」
「Tsugu-ni, go for it」
「Haha, It’s all good. As long as you two are having fun, I won’t get in your way. Besides, I’m having fun as well」
「You said it now~. Starting tomorrow will be a very strict schedule! Aim to replace all of our equipmen~t」
「Fufu, pledge」
(。 ・w・)♪ 「Shu~」

While thinking that I might have gotten a little ahead, I stroked Rigu’s back while watching my younger sisters who are delighted.
He seems to be feeling good,

(*´ w `*)

Emoticons immediately appear in the speech bubbles.
This skill is pretty nice. The already cute Rigu is becoming even more cute, approving of the synergy between them I went and nodded my head off.
And we went into the bed before it was bedtime.
HP MP does not recover unless you sleeps for at least 6 hours, but it seems that even I can sleep more than that.


1: Nameless_Lolicon
I tried putting it up. This is the place to watch over the little angel and little devil that were just at the starting town just a moment ago. Please keep in mind to YES LOLITA! NO TOUCH!. I’ll abuse the criminal PEDO who does such thing directly. You may bow before me if you wish.

191: Nameless_Lolicon
Guys, tell me about the abilities of apprentince angel and apprentice devil plez. Their equipment as well pl0x

192: Nameless_Lolicon
>>191 Here ya goー.
Apprentice angel 「Double light magic power, Increased damage received from dark magic , Equipment is apprentice angel ‘s wing」
Apprentice devil 「Double dark magic power, Increased damage received from light magic , Equipment is apprentice devil’s wing」
The wing equipment will increase the movement speed. Well, the increase itself is insignificant, it’s more on the sense of being an accessories.

193: Nameless_Lolicon
wtf, dem cheat lolololol

194: Nameless_Lolicon
That’s not true though. Assuming you got damaged by magic it’s gonna be hurt like hell. It didn’t matter on weak monsters, but when on strong monsters it’s not a joke >>193

195: Nameless_Lolicon
Can’t you use the wing to fly? Well, is it impossible since they are small?

196: Nameless_Lolicon
>>195 The information that exist is too small so it’s too vague, but the second job seems to be angel and devil. The wings will grow. Looking forward to it.

197: Nameless_Lolicon
>>196 Hoo, so the apprentice part disappear. By all means I want them twins to get to their second job.

198: Nameless_Lolicon
My chest is on fire! Mainly in heartburn sense! (A hangover) (T/N: Chest on fire= full of emotion, no way to translate the joke except this)

199: Nameless_Lolicon
This game has only barely came out a month ago.  So impatient.  But the in-game time has passed for about 4 years.
>>197 Rather than the twin it should be the oni-san. Oni-san, work hard like your life depended on it. Though you can’t really die lolol

200: Nameless_Lolicon
Then let us talk until morning without sleeping to the people of lolicon thread

201: Nameless_Lolicon
Don’t call us that.

283: Nameless_Lolicon
O-onisan, !

284: Nameless_Lolicon
>>283 you gonna do it?

285: Nameless_Lolicon
>>284 Aaー! Who will!
Those who are watching the twins and oni-san raise up your hand!

286: Nameless_Lolicon
>> 285 ノ (T/N: Yes, that’s people raising their arm if it’s confusing)

287: Nameless_Lolicon
>>285 Me too~ ノ

288: Nameless_Lolicon
>>285 I’m watching devil-chan from a distance. Angel-chan is not here, so sad

289: Nameless_Lolicon
>>288 P-pervertー
Not that, what is going on? Me is currently in the next town, yu are the only one I can depend on! Tell me moreー! (T/N: Raw skipped from 289 to 300)

300: Nameless_Lolicon
It looked so fun lololol

301: Nameless_Lolicon
Create the small bottle for the potion using alchemy, grind the medicinal plants using compounding, and use synthesize to make the low-grade potion. And he hasn’t failed even once.

302: Nameless_Lolicon

303: Nameless_Lolicon

304: Nameless_Lolicon

305: Nameless_Lolicon

306: Nameless_Lolicon
>> Are you for real! Even though it’s an unfortunate crafting job that needs real (life?) luck and skill.
(ホロリ (T/N: Japanese equivalent of Q.Q?)
Even if you call it unfortunate, it’s usually are not inside a novel thoughー. To hesitate to pick a job is to unfortunate (ちょっと職につくのが躊躇われる不遇な。)

307: Nameless_Lolicon
>> And he made karaage with herbs. It smelled really good. Imma hungry nao. That’s it, I’m getting karaage bento for lunch today.

308: Nameless_Lolicon
Just reply once

309: Nameless_Lolicon
That oni-san seems to be a house-husband. Even thought he picked up 4 crafting skill, is this oni-san had any plan to increase his job level……? Can he even beat slime……?
His maternal instinct is slowly raising

310: Nameless_Lolicon
>>309 If you have money you can increase your skill you knowー. Since there are the twins, isn’t that fine if he didn’t have to fight?

311: Nameless_Lolicon
>>309 There is a monster spider inside the twin’s big brother’s hood. This is the first time I ever saw a tamer lolololol it’s extremely jittery (T/N: No fucking idea wth is thisきゅるんきゅるん )
lolololol SOーCUーTEー lolololol

312: Nameless_Lolicon
>>309 certainly. But a 3 person party with 1 non-combatant should be hard. That party really need a magic related job
>>311Oh……。Quite an unusual class that one

313: Nameless_Lolicon
To be able to control monsters is a dream. I wonder if having a sub-job tamer would be good…… Go slime! I choose you! or something like that. (T/N: Japanese pokemon refference)

314: Nameless_Lolicon
>>313 That might be good, but better not get too far. (>>313それはそうだが、やめとくと吉だぞ。)(T/N: Might be copyright issue thing) Tell us more about the cooking efficiency.

315: Nameless_Lolicon
Someone, >>313 wants to become a tamer, someone please teach him all about the class

316: Nameless_Lolicon
>>315 Relied on others too much lolololol eh, whatever
To be a tamer, first of all a monster must have become emotionally attached to you. When trying to tame it, there are chances that it may run away, and again, there may be times when it doesn’t listen to you. ou only need to feed it once per day, but giving it some tasteless pet-food decreases the chance of increase in its affection level. In conclusion, it takes considerable amount of time to build up trust. This is the reason why the class is not recommended. It’s very hard. Just like in real world where it’s extremely hard to befriend an animal, as for balancing about it, you just need to keep going at it.

317: Nameless_Lolicon
>>316 tyー
To be able to get at that point would require a large amount of money, and it’s vexing if you still get ignored. But there are exception. The oni-san and the spider relationship seems to be really good, it should be okay to contact them while smiling right? SMILEEE lolol

318 :Nameless_Lolicon
So this is the power of a house-husband. I’ll give you some money so just pass me a piece of those karaage…… I’m hungry from those hand-mades

319: Nameless_Lolicon
This is the power of an ikemen. So-so envious!

320: Nameless_Lolicon
Is this a facial disparity society? I-I want to die orz

321: Nameless_Lolicon
Live strongly lololol
>>318 I want one as well. Even though there is a taste, I have to eat portable food that is sad and tasteless……

322: Nameless_Lolicon
Eh? Isn’t this supposed to be a thread for the lolicon?

323: Nameless_Lolicon
>322 You newbs.
Go to >>6 and >>37 to understand what kind of thread is this.

324: Nameless_Lolicon
Although the player won’t be named, but you can mostly identify them!

325: Nameless_Lolicon
>>324 Don’t say it……。 Players under 15 years old are rare

326: Nameless_Lolicon
oK Shutting up >>323  (おk肥握した>>323)
However, I really want to PT up with the twins.

327: Nameless_Lolicon
Today he didn’t use the workplace on the 1st floor…… Perhaps we might have been staring a bit too much.

328: Nameless_Lolicon
Guys, be a bit more prudent

329: Nameless_Lolicon
The rough game life of the three is my sustenance afterall (3人は荒んだゲーム生活の糧なんだからなー)

330: Nameless_Lolicon
>>329 Don’t go get off from their suffering! lolololololol (>>329ゲーム生活すら荒ませるな! wwwwww)

331: Nameless_Lolicon
>>330 H-how did you know about my private life! C-could you be my mom!

332: Nameless_Lolicon
>>331 I’m not!

333: Nameless_Lolicon
Enough about the comedy (Manzai) and get back to track, will the twins participate in the sunday-only event?

334: Nameless_Lolicon
>>333 That would surely impossible right? If I recall correctly the one on the city of beginning is supposedly Goblin King……

335: Nameless_Lolicon
>>334 Thought soー (>>334だよなー)



The entries continues……

◆ ◆ ◆

For the next 4 days it was the same routine, fight, sell, sleep, repeat. It was worth the trouble, the twins equipment changed into iron grade and I also worn a leather armor under the robe.
Rigu’s performance was a sight to behold, thanks to that both of my job level and level have managed to reached 10.
By the way, Rigu become slightly bigger after hitting level 10. He probably has become more dependable.
Of course the amount of skills my sister can use has increased, but I still felt that I should make report on Rigu first. Because we are, or so to speak, are partner in one body and soul.
Just as we finished our hunting and we began to take a rest, the alarm that signify the time limit rang.
The limit for continous login is 7 hours in real world so we still have some leeway, but there are also stuff we need to do in real world.
They were quite dissatisfied but the two of them were quite understanding, they didn’t say they don’t want to stop yet. Probably
Immediately the 3 of us headed into the city, to the fountain in the square where we first entered this world.
In there I heard it for the very first time, apparently the area near the fountain are considered a safe zone where PK & thieving are impossible to be done. And so, it’s completely normal to log out here.
You can attack in a safe area if you have a unique skill, but there does not seem to be many people who have used this on players or NPCs in a way that would require keeping a close eye on them Well, those have nothing to do with us though.
My priority concern right now is Rigu, when pressing his name on the menu screen everything is all-OK. It’s a simple status screen unlike ours, but it’s not much of a problem. If the 【Dormant】 part were pressed with the finger, the circle next to the 【Active】 changed and appeared next to the 【Dormant】 part and a small magic formation appeared below Rigu. (T/N: Checked the manga, basically it change from O -> X and vice versa. As for the LN, it seems to just switch spot, see below) And a moment later Rigu disappear.
It seems to be asleep until the next time you called it.
You were always sleeping yet you going for more sleep?
What would you do if you couldn’t sleep?
No, SInce Rigu is a data entity, then he is just taking advantage of it.


【Individual】 Rigu
【Level】 16
【HP】 98/154
【MP】 32/67
【Skill】 Bite 12 / Thread 18 / Poison Fang 7
【Master】 Tsugumi
【O Active / Dormant】


As there was nothing left for me to do, I took the window back to the main menu and pressed the last button on it 【Logout】. Immediately my vision was blocked by darkness and my consciousness disappeared.
◆ ◆ ◆

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  1. ゲーム生活すら荒ませるな — It’s not their suffering, but the poster’s “suffering”… It’s about how to not waste even his game life with such things… No idea how to translate it since I haven’t come across it much… Google Translate has Rough, Devour or Rouse for the translation…

    • That sentence alone took another hour after long discussion in discord translation channel and still didnt come out good. fuck that line really

  2. You know what the funny part about all this is? The fact that the [Cruel Depiction Reduction] option was toggled on, so what probably was a nightmarish, level 1 spider turned into an adorable little thing. Imagine what it looks like to everyone else around him who has that option turned off.

    • All the outsiders should not have that turn on, and yet none post that it look nightmarish.

      Plus, from game development PoV, building two version of one monster is double the work for no gain. They wouldnt do that.

  3. Thanks for the chapters. I was so happy to see there was a LN being translated after seeing the updates of the Manga. I love the cute slice of life VRMMO’s. The adorableness does my heart good, :D. Looking forward to future chapters. Keep up the good work!

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