Book 1 Chapter 6

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I slowly opened my eyes whilst slightly yawning. And as usual, it’s my ordinary room.
As I took off my headset, my gaze fell onto both of the twins, Hibari and Hitaki, and the two of them both opened their eyes at the same time.
How was it? As I was about to ask them that, the two of them started to taking off their headset and placing it on the table, then they began to tremble all over their bodies.

「It was so much funー!」
「N, Very fun!」

Hibari raised her voice unbecoming of a girl and raised both her hands up cheerfully (T/N: Banzai pose) And unexpectedly for Hitaki, she raised her voice full of emotions.
As I watched them a smile floated on my face as well, and I began to start taking off the headset as per the instruction manual inside the paper bag.
I decided to take care of the headset first then talked to the two who are still happily conversing.
We have played for quite a long time, however my sisters had something extremely important to do. It’s the thing that they received on Friday and has to be submitted on Monday.

「This might be throwing a cold water on you guys, but have you finished your homework from yesterday?」
「Muー, not yet」
「I, halfway done」
「You guys have played without break today, unless you guys do the things you had to do properly, I won’t let you play the game anymoreー」

While sitting above the chair, I gave them a slightly nasty smile.
Since Hitaki had a reliable personality I don’t have to worry about her, but on the other hand Hibari is slightly loose somewhere.
Well, no matter the girl, they’ll always be a cute little sister to me. ( まぁどんな子でも、俺にとって可愛い妹だというのは変わらない。) I didn’t tell them that though. (口にはしないけど。)
Hibari stood off from the sofa energetically and hold Hitaki’s arm and left the room in hurry. Geez, you don’t have to be in that much rush.
Looking at Hibari’s form made me laugh my heart out for quite some time. 「Now then, I guess I’ll looked up R&M……」
After my laughing subsided. I was struck with that idea as i muttered it.
Currently it’s before 4PM Since I just went shopping, there are still a lot of ingredients remaining in the refrigerator and it’s still to early to prepare for dinner.
Cleaning is also done once a month with the twins, work is also done with, in other words, I’m free. (T/N: I will assume that it’s a big cleaning like the one the japanese usually done at the end of the year)
I turn the chair half rotation and turn my PC on. Entering the search engine screen and entered 【VRMMO REAL&MAKE details】 and clicked.
Starting from the topmost, Official site, Strategy site, Personal site are lined up. After being overwhelmed for a few second by the large number of result, I went and opened the official site.
It was totally unthinkable of being a game, it was a picture of a castle and it’s surrounding town were shown on the TOP page. ( とてもゲームとは思えない、城と城下町の画像が掲載されたTOP画面がお出迎え。)(T/N: Probably a splash screen of the very top page before you were taken to the main site) At the edge of the screen were written 【The castle of the most prosperous country】. Although it doesn’t tell me which.
Let’s see, on the notice a 【new】 was plastered on. The part about the world’s description caught my eyes, but let’s leave it for after this.

【Notice new】
I would like to express my gratitude to everyone for liking [REAL & MAKE] (hereinafter referred to as R & M). In commemoration of the launch of R & M we will celebrate it by holding the first event.

Event duration : Year2××× Month×× Day×× (Sunday)、 00:00~23:59。

*Exterminate swarm of goblins encroaching the town!!*
Information has been brought that a swarm of goblin is approaching the Town of Beginning, Town of Water, Town of Wisdom, and Town of Labyrinth. The mayor of these cities foresaw this situation as imminent and requesting the adventurers to urgently subdue them.
○ Town of Beginning, Earth (T/N: Previously named Ars)
Swarm of goblin
Goblin King

○ Town of Water, Aquaria
Swarm of goblin
Orc King

○ Town of Wisdom, Echi (T/N: Town name is pun from wisdom; 知恵:Chie)
Swarm of goblin
Ogre King

○ Town of Labyrinth, Dajiin (T/N: Prob more pun on the word dungeon)
Swarm of goblin
Troll King

The one that are targeting the cities are the goblin swarm + α (T/N: α = alpha = pack leader) The place to register, with the exception for the Town of Beginning in the Mayor’s house, is in the adventurer guild.
Individuals, PT, and guilds are welcomed. Depending on the amount of people, the number of the swarm and the strength of the king will fluctuate. In the event of successful subjugation, you can GET a decorative items that you normally won’t be able to obtain.
In this event, there are no death penalty applied (1 in-game hour status halved, 10% money loss) Everyone, please come and participate!

Today, Year2××× Month×× Day×× , a total of 38 account has been processed for malicious harassment and illegal action.

Hoー, so there would be that kind of event tomorrow. Perhaps the reason my sisters want to become strong fast was due to this event?
……Haha, no way, as if. But, this is scary since it’s possible. The girl in this house is a festival girl, so it’s not impossible.
Since there is only an account processing and maintenance notification in the notification, let’s go to the next one. Oh, I know how important maintenance is so I’m going to say this ahead of time. (あ、メンテナンスの大変さは知っているつもりなので、一応こう言っておく。) Administrator-san, thanks for the hard work.
Next, let’s look at the official page.
R&M world setting is not modern world, it’s a fantasy isekai. (R&Mの世界観は、現代ではないファンタジーな異世界。) The times are closer to that of middle-ages.
The world La · Emiel itself had more land and nature compared to the Earth, and the goddess that made that world, have given the player to do whatever it is that they want. It is fine to live as you will.
You can do criminal acts if you want, but since there are vigilante groups and the knight, the probability for success is low. In the case that you succeed, there is no merit for it.
Hm- I’ve heard it from the twins beforehand, but unless there are goal and ending being prepared from the beginning then there are people who will immediately became bored. As the rest was already explained by the two before so I just skim through it.
However, on the 3rd from I saw 【explanation of the environmental headset necessary to play a game】(【ゲームをするのに必要な環境ヘッドセットの説明】) and when I clicked it I was suprised.

「…… The exclusive VR Headset for R & M. Full price 49800 Yen (Tax Included)」

I’m not overlooking this. Ok, let’s go report to mom right now.
I pick the mobile device next to the keyboard, open the contact list and immediately call my mom.
As expected, with this price it’s something that you will hesitate beforehand to buy as a gift. Also, there are 3 of it. You deserve it old man, RIP. (T/N: It literally say that. 身から出た錆だ親父、成仏しろよ。)
The phone call immediately connected and a familiar lovely voice of my mother can be heard.
When I tell the details of my father’s crime and they became even heavier, my mom just 「I understand. I’ll properly scold him for this. Ufufu」 then she hung off in a good mood.
Yeah, my mom is scary…… haha.
My parents are an eternal stupid couple (T/N: baka-couple), but when the time that my mom became angry, she is really angry, so I better leave it up to her. But my father never learned his lesson even when he get yelled at. In fact, it’s a vicious cycle. (T/N: as in it keeps repeating)
Then, next I hover the cursor into 【R&M Strategy guide sites】
Here gathered the hermits known as the crippled (those godlike individuals who had reached a level beyond mastery seemed to be called such), and until the time that they would (physically speaking) waste away, they devoted themselves to compiling knowledge of R & M.
While paying respect to them, I went through the large amount of information looking for what might be useful. 「Alchemy, Compounding, Synthesis, Cooking, Taming……」
Even if you limit it into your own skill, location or level, there are still considerable amount of them.
Even when you are just reading randomly, time passed in an instant and when I noticed outside the window was already dark. I turned off my PC and stand up from the chair.
I glanced at the clock and time was just right. I have to prepare dinner soon…… My hungry stomach called out. (腹減らしが呼びに来ちゃうからな。)
I think I’ll look around at the guide website before sleep otherwise tomorrow when there is spare time around noon.
When I went down to the first floor, the living room table was occupied by Hibari and Hitaki who were doing their homework. No, rather than that it was Hitaki who taught Hibari. This is an everyday scene on our household.
When Hibari got stuck on a problem, she would laid down on the sofa and growling.

「Uaー, tomorrow we can play with Misa-chan!」
「N, Play with Misa-chan. Work hard Hibari-chan」
「You have time to work on the homework tomorrow evening, to some extent. That’s right, what do you guys want for today’s dinner?」(T/N:「明日の夜も宿題する時間はあるし、ほどほどにな。そうだ、今日の夕飯は何が食べたい?」)
「Thick slice egg」(T/N: Atsuyaki Tamago/厚焼き卵)
「…… E-even after you just eat that in the game?」

I cooked karaage and eggs using ingredients which could be easily bought from the shops. Remembering how much we ate those in the game, I gave a wry smile.
But if these two want to eat it, I won’t mind. When they made a request like this, the house-husband part of me are happy.
I replied with 「Okay」. and went to the kitchen while slightly chuckling.

◆ ◆ ◆


The next day. It’s the day when the goblin assault event begin.
The time currently is at 9 o’clock in the morning and I am alone sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV. Well, it’s pretty much the usual scene.
Hibari and Hitaki went straight out of the house in a rush immediately after eating breakfast. Even if you girls are not rushing, Misa-chan won’t run away. 「Don’t drag her around too much」 I told them that. I don’t know if they heard it, but it should probably be alright.
「……Yep, yep, you were excited to see your beloved daughter after a long time. And so you bought it? Yeah, I wasn’t asking about that. When did you meet them? ……Eh? It’s a secret? I’ll get angry if I hear the answer, so you’re keeping it a secret? You’re damn right I will!」
Ah, Nope, Even though I’m alone I’m not lonely. Apparently dad who got full brunt from mom’s anger and was half-crying decided to call me. Totally no father figure. (T/N:  ああいや、正確には1人寂しくではない。どうやら母さんにたっぷりこってり怒られたらしい親父が、半泣きで電話を掛けてきていた。親父形なし。)
I gave a suitable response and suitable reply.
And after keeping him company for a bit, 「Of course if Tsugumi want something immediately go tell papa!
Tsugumi is also papa’s favorite son, that’s why I’ll spoil you a lot!」 are the kind of idiotic prattling he spout on, laughing scornfully at that I hung up.
It’s useless, that guy didn’t learn his lesson. Guess it’s better than him cutting off all communication. Whilst watching the TV leisurely, I fiddled with my phone and accessed the 【R&M BBS】. I was slightly concerned by that.
There were a lots of thread related to the event jumbled up and it took considerable amount of time to find the starting town thread.

「Hmー…… Goblin swarms and the king huh?」

If you went solo 8 will appear, if you were to be with a party of 6 then 40, and if you went with your whole guild it can get to 5x. Because it was the first event it was made easy, says the people (trash). (T/N: 初イベントだから優しい難易度だ、と言う(廃)人達もいる。) I don’t get it.
Nonetheless this is going to be fun. Putting aside the event, I should continue examining stuff from yesterday.
I closed the BBS and connect to the strategy site. As for this time’s skill page…… Even though it was just a brief browsing, my eyes were stuck on a product of a certain skill.

「If you use MP to activate 【Alchemy】 on glass grit, you can get empty magic stone…… Magic can then be inserted, so it’s an environmentally friendly eco-item huh.」(T/N:Magic as in SKILL not MP, It’s unclear whether it’s gonna become disposable item like bombs OR you can sell skill itself)

Oh, then this is an item that will make it easier to defeat monsters. (T/N:  おぉ、これは魔物を倒すのが随分楽になるアイテムだ。) Even though it was highly recommended, the production difficulty was also high, your materials also disappear if you failed, that’s why the item didn’t circulate much on the market.
Since my little sisters are against interacting with other players, I’ll just make it and…… not selling them.
Since I bought glass grit everyday on the game I had an abundance of it, I’ll try making it the next time have free time.
When I was jotting down some recipes inside my head, my phone suddenly rang.

「Oh…… Hibari?, Yes, what’s up? If you are gonna come back at noon, we’ll be having fried udon for……」
【Ah, yay!…… I mean, we’ll be back around noon with Misa-chan!』
「Ah? Hah……? So you are saying you are going to play in the house?」
『Yepyep, Misa-chan’s mom gave permission to stay until night. Also Tsugu-nii, I’m looking forward to the fried udon!』

Saying that in high spirits, she cut the call without hearing my reply.
Hmm…… Even though Misa-chan is at marriageable age…… or rather she just didn’t consider me as a man, isn’t it? (T/N: Misa is 13 not sure why author use marriage-able age, the one who didnt consider him as a man is her mom)
I mean, I did change her diaper when she was a child, not in the sense of being a pedophile…… It’s like she is my own daughter. Haha, ain’t that a bit too much?
I turned off the TV and stood up. I headed up to the kitchen, and since Misa-chan would probably be eating here as well. I was a bit concerned about the amount of udon…… Yep, it’s not enough.

◆ ◆ ◆


When I was cooking for lunch, I heard the sound of the door being opened hurriedly and the 2 footsteps that is rushing up the stairs. And then one footstep come towards the kitchen.
The girl who appeared had a paper bag with a logo of a major consumer electronics retailer and smiled at me.

「I’ll be intruding today, Tsugu-niisama」

E-eh……? It felt like something similar happened yesterday…… I kept stirring the pot of udon using the chopstick while trying to escape reality.
This beautiful girl who are the polar opposite of the sporty twin and having the appearance of a Yamato Nadeshiko is Iida Misa-chan, 13 years old. (T/N: Yamato nadeshiko (やまとなでしこ or 大和撫子) is a Japanese term meaning the “personification of an idealized Japanese woman”,[1] or “the epitome of pure, feminine beauty”.[2] It is a floral metaphor,[3] combining the words Yamato, an ancient name for Japan, and nadeshiko, a delicate frilled pink carnation called Dianthus superbus, whose kanji translate into English as “caressable child”.[4][5])
She might looked like a prim-and-proper lady, but she is in fact a more severe gamer compared to the twins. She enjoyed practicing martial arts amongst the adults and seems to be stronger than them.
Although it felt like I lose consciousness for a second there, I urged Misa to move to the living room and resumed making the yaki-udon.
There was a lot to think of, but cooking came first. Work hard, me – Be the perfect house husband.
Be like that at any cost – That was the attitude I went with for this.
For the time being I checked up on how things were going, It seems that she wasn’t being instigated by Hibari & Hitaki. Although Misa-chan wanted to play R&M, but due to the age limit she seemed to have given up. She said she was going to endure until 15. It was with feeling like shedding bitter tear
And then the twins suggested to play together with me. Welp, the ship has sailed. (T/N: It bloody literally said that まぁ、渡りに船だよな。)
And after a lot of this and that, she went all out, grabbed the champion title on a martial arts tournament and bought a headset with the reward prize. After all there’s no way she can buy it with just her allowance.
While listening to the story, I turn my gaze towards Hibari and Hitaki and both of them immediately avert their gazes.
Finished with eating the yaki-udon, Hibari and Hitaki began the preparation to play R&M merrily.
Ah, with how the volume of footsteps were decreasing, it seems they went to pick up their headset. At the same time I was convinced, I noticed something.

「It’s no good to enter a person’s room without their permission」
「…… S-sorry」
「Sorry, Tsugu-ni. But, we didn’t look under the bed. So relaxed」
「My my, were there adult books underneath Tsugu-niisama’s bed?」
「Tsugu-nii, even if you were some lolicon who had interest in his little sister, i wouldn’t really mind it. Fufu」
「Yes, That’s right. It’s something exclusive that’s『Limited to handsome men』afterall」
「Just where did you guys learn those things……」

Hibari lightly apologized after she messing up my setting. (T/N: Character setting) Hitaki and Misa-chan also joined up to mess with me.
Or rather, I wonder if that’s how my sisters see me as.
Whilst being astounded I begun to put on my headset and all three of us are now ready.
This time the three childhood friends sat down on the same sofa, while I sat down behind the table where the notebook computer is at.
When you were going to have your consciousness transferred into the game, since you are going to be powerless, better do it at the place you can relax.


T/N: I GAVE UP. These one kinda super hard to fix, might contain mistakes.


「Finished the homeworks yesterday, also Tsugu-ni is free. Fu fu fuー」

Just before pressing the button on the headset, I heard Hibari muttered some disquieting words. But without being able to react, my consciousness was abruptly cut off.

◆ ◆ ◆


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  1. 硝子砂にMPを込めながら【錬金】を使えば、空の魔石が……。魔法を込められる、環境に優しいエコアイテムか

    If you use Alchemy while pouring MP into glass sand (grit), a empty magic stone will… 。 Magic can then be inserted, so it’s a environmentally friendly eco-item huh.

  2. [ Welp, the ship has sailed. (T/N: It bloody literally said that まぁ、渡りに船だよな。) ]

    It’s a saying. It’s more like, what’s done is done. No use worrying about it.

    It’s referring to how another person was added to the list of people he has to babysit without his knowledge, but he decided not to worry about it.

  3. まぁ、渡りに船だよな。 – That’s a expression, like a bus at a busstop. If it passes, it’s passed. Same as a ship, it’s sailed, nothing will change it now.
    って言うか、妹達は俺をどう見てるんだ – Or rather, how are my sisters viewing me. As in what do they think he is like.
    今回は幼馴染3人が同じソファーに並んで座り、ノートパソコンの置いてあるテーブルを挟み、俺が1人で座る形になった。 – This time the three childhood friends sat down on the same sofa, while I sat down behind the table where the notebook computer is at.

  4. Entering someone’s room without saying a word beforehand, isn’t good.
    … S, sorry.
    Sorry, Tsugunii. But I didn’t search in places like under the bed. So don’t worry.
    Oh, under Tsuguniisama’s bed, are there picture books (it’s ehon… Which could be manga or just straight up playboy style magazines) that adults read?
    If it’s Tsugunii, I wouldn’t mind even if I find a sister fetish book. Fufu (haha?… Fufu)
    Ee (Indeed?), that’s so. But with the disclaimer “only limited for Ikemen”.
    Where do you learn (remember) such things, you guys…

    Hibari, while twisting the scene a bit, lightly apologizes. While Hitaki and Misa formed a tag team and kept teasing me.
    Rather, how are my sisters viewing me.
    Giving up and putting on my headset, the three which preparations have finished followed suit.

    • Im not sure about the sister fetish book,
      And the disclaimer part seems to be wrong. That whole part is japanese meme which pretty much meant, all is ok as long as you handsome.

      I havent gotten time to fix them again… Too busy with mhw on pc xD

      • Well, yeah, it’s a japanese meaning of just that… But the heck is one supposed to translate that as… As for it being a disclaimer – Aren’t there special books that circle around special circles with special restrictions that can only be obtained by meeting the restrictions?

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